Weekend On The EDGE

A Utah Tradition Lives On

For 13 straight years now, Weekend on the Edge is held in September at the Edge Products main facility in Ogden, Utah. The event is always a great way to wrap up an incredible season of diesel motorsports in the Rocky Mountain region. As title sponsor of the United Pullers pulling series, PowerTeq and Edge Products have really helped the sled pulling scene soar to all-new heights around the Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada area. As the final stop of 15 total sled pull events held throughout the summer, the Weekend on the Edge dyno competition and sled pull was one of the largest pulls ever on record west of Missouri.

As a big one-day event with a dyno competition running most of the day and sled pull action starting at 4 p.m., the Edge team knew it had a challenge getting through a long list of trucks, even with two dynos running. So with the help of the crew from Custom Auto and their portable SuperFlow dyno, the third set of rollers would take some of the load off Edge’s testing equipment and ensure they’d be able to get through 100+ vehicles by 2-3 p.m. so everyone could make their way over to the fairgrounds for the evening event.

Like years past, Edge held an open house at their headquarters in Ogden, and had a host of vendors with booths set up and even a free catered BBQ lunch for everyone in attendance, competing or not. With two Edge crews and the Custom Auto guys running hard all morning, exactly 100 trucks had been tested, adding up to more than 53,000 total horsepower on the day.

“As a big one-day event with a dyno competition running most of the day and sled pull action starting at 4 p.m., the Edge team knew it had a challenge.”

Setting an all-new horsepower record at Weekend on the Edge, Custom Auto’s little blue Duramax laid down a ground-pounding 1,620 rear-wheel horsepower reading for top spot on the day, shattering the previous year’s top numbers. Running basically everything possible under the hood, including two massive turbos and four nitrous solenoids, the truck made for quite the talk as it ripped past the dyno’s maximum torque reading, flat lining its torque curve on the big screen.

With such large turnouts for the dyno event in years past, Edge Products two in-house dynos have had to work overtime to get through everyone before the night’s sled pull action could get rolling. Looking to alleviate some of the long lines and wait time at the dyno competition, Edge called in the help of Custom Auto’s portable chassis dyno, giving them three dynos for the day’s event.
Talk about showing off a little Edge Products pride… nothing like some custom airbrushed graphics to show the world where your true colors fly.
Just a week after their annual dyno event, Chad Hall and Jason Martinez of Alligator Performance made the drive down from northern Idaho to strap their LBZ Duramax down on the rollers, bringing home a third place trophy in the GM class and fourth overall on the day. The race-ready rig made a nearly smoke-free fuel-only 1,194 hp.
With the Weekend on the Edge sled pull closing out the 2013 United Pullers season, the series point’s class champions all needed to put on a good show to bring home the year-end top prize. The Edge-sponsored 3.2 truck owned by Ryan Thain was plagued by some mid-season engine trouble, but some late nights and plenty of manhours got them back in front of the crowd for the big show where the 2006 Cummins grabbed a fourth place finish.

First place in the Dodge category went to Shawn Baca, the lead mechanic for nearby Industrial Injection, where his single-turbo and nitrous-injected 2006 Cummins put down 1,260 hp and 2,342 lb/ft of torque. Highest Ford honors went to a 6.4L Power Stroke owned by Justin Tyler, breaking the 600 hp barrier on fuel only, with not much more than some stout tuning. Other horsepower notables on the day were Chavis Fryer’s 2001 Duramax at 1,361 hp and Jake Nelson’s 1981 Isuzu Pup diesel at a tire-shredding 33.7 hp. That’s not a typo… 33.7 hp.

Chavis Fryer, an employee of Industrial Injection, brought out his regular cab drag truck sporting an extremely clean engine bay with plenty of powder coat and polished aluminum to go around. Don’t let all that shine fool you. This LB7 Duramax isn’t all show, as it proved it’s got plenty of “go” too, placing second overall on the dyno with 1,361 horsepower and 1,956 lb/ft of torque.
Jared Venz, Marketing Manager of Edge Products, is one of the guys behind the scenes who helps make Weekend on the Edge such a success year after year. His 2005 Dodge Cummins can do more than just look pretty in a parking lot, though, with plenty of bolt-on parts under the hood to push those 35-inch tires down the highway.
Dean Cunningham put on a smoke show for the crowd, trying to light his twin-turbo combination on the Custom Auto dyno. While Edge Products is all about the electronic diesel performance, they won’t turn away from a little 12V Cummins action.

Part two of Weekend on the Edge was held at nearby Pioneer Stadium in Ogden. The United Pullers organization finished off their 2013 season and crowned their year’s points champions. Kicking off the fun at 4 p.m., everything from daily driven half-ton gas trucks to blown alcohol-injected 2wd pullers and, of course, plenty of diesel entries were running down the dirt track until well past midnight. Naturally, as the big season-ending show, the Weekend on the Edge sled pull brought in the largest crowd of the season, as well as the largest group of competitors, with more than 65 diesel entries alone.

Sitting on an 8-inch lift and 38-inch mudders, this big 6.4L Power Stroke owned by Nick Child still put down some pretty impressive numbers. With 566 hp to the ground, we can only imagine where his numbers would be running everyday normal guy street tires.

The Work Stock Diesel class was won by Will Richards with a 286’ 3” pull. Will also won the 2013 points championship. The ever-so-competitive 2.6 Inducer class was won by Edge-sponsored Weylin Richards in his black Cummins. Weylin also wrapped up his 2013 points championship season on a good note. For the 3.0 Inducer class, Xtreme Diesel Performance out of New Jersey made the drive out to show the West Coast folks how it’s done with a 331’ 2” hook. Tom Hansen was crowned the 2013 3.0 points champ for the second year in a row. In the big boy 3.2 Inducer class, Kortney Neiffenegger’s 12V Cummins proved to be top dog for both the night and the season with first place finishes for both trophies.

Trevor Neiffenegger, one of the lead mechanics at nearby Outlaw Diesel, had been a frontrunner in the series 3.0 points chase all season only to have some mid-track troubles cause his bright green Cummins to come up short of the leaders.

You can rest assured that with the Edge Products and United Pullers relationship only growing stronger year after year, Weekend on the Edge will continue to be one of those “can’t wait for” events of the year. For more information on the 2013 WOTE event, results, Edge Products and associated event sponsors, visit www.weekendontheedge.com. DW


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