Unleashing Power: The 1,100 HP Dodge Ram 2500

It’s always a bit of a gamble on how much you can push the envelope of a stock vehicle before parts start to give way. […]

Lifted Luxury: Inside the DPS 6-Door 2016 Ford Excursion Build

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Racing Innovation! The Story of Brian Spooner's 2,000-HP Carbon Fiber Chevy

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Diesel-Powered Camaro! A Unique Ride with a Remarkable Story

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Resurrected Powerhouse! The 600HP Transformation of A 2004 Ford F-250

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The Underdog: Single-Turbo 7.3L with 800HP

“I never planned on building a 12-second, 7.900-lb. truck,” laughs Jake Enos, owner of Irate Diesel Performance. “We just started adding parts to an old […]

1,000 lb-ft Duramax Torque in a '70 Chevelle

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Hot Rod RV Ram: A 1997 Dodge Ram Cummins For The Modern Age

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Building a 700-hp VP44 Dodge with a Mechanical Mindset

For years, 12-valve Dodges built between 1994 and 1998 have enjoyed a healthy following in the aftermarket, as have ’03 and up common-rail trucks. Stuck […]
Hot Rod RV Intake: Installing an AFE Stage II Intake for Power and Performance

AFE Stage II Intake Kit: Hot Rod RV Project

In this installment of our Hot Rod RV project, we’ll be taking the same first step as many other diesel truck owners do: installing a […]

Joey's 2012 700-HP Dodge Ram 2500

With an insane 10-inch lift and 37-inch tires on 24-inch wheels, it’s definitely hard to miss Joey Rodriguez’s 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 when it’s rolling […]

My Broke-Down Life

As I limped my truck home at night with no headlights (and towing a trailer), I wondered how does a person with five vehicles get […]

Redefining Classic: The 300HP Cummins Heartbeat of a '72 K5 Blazer

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The Bosch P7100 Pump: Scheid Diesel's 16mm Plunger

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Installing Industrial Injection’s 69mm Turbo For a Whopping 85 Horsepower Gain on our 12 Valve

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VP44 Pump Trucks

When I first got involved with the diesel community as a writer about eight years ago, I had a lot of quick learning to do, […]

4 Doors and 1,300 HP: Matt Sanjer's '06 Dodge

Half the fun of seeing diesel trucks at the dragstrip is witnessing the unexpected. Sure, there are some fast street trucks at your normal diesel […]