Top Performance Upgrades for Fuel, Intake, and Brakes!

TransferFlow 40-gallon Tank and Toolbox Combo  The 40-gallon refueling tank and toolbox combo is DOT legal to carry and transfer gasoline, diesel, and kerosene fuels. […]

Repairing Our Project Truck's Fuel Leak: A Step-by-Step Guide

Fixing a Leak on Our Project Truck So, if you’ve ever had a lowered truck, the first rule is to pay attention to what you’re […]

Fitzgerald Performance's Event: A Truck Show Like No Other

Fitzgerald Performance Delivers an Event We Need! PHOTOS BY MACH1MEDIA From what we’ve gathered over the past few years, a lot of us have been […]

Top Performance Upgrades for Your Truck: Fuel Tanks, Filtration Kits, and More

01. Titan 43-Gallon, Extra Capacity, Mid-Ship Replacement Fuel Tank Transform your driving experience with the Titan’s latest fuel tank, designed specifically for 2019-2024 GM 1500 […]

Greetings from Diesel World: Exciting Features Await!

Hello, Diesel World! I’m really excited to get this issue out the door as there are some great features in this issue from all different […]

Revamping Style: Liberty Forged Wheels on 1994 Ram 2500

Choosing New Wheels & Tires Photos by Tucker Harris  It’s finally time! We’ve been working on our project Stock to Not for about 5 months […]

Stock to Not: Upgrading to Smeding Diesel S467 Turbocharger and Three-Piece T4 Manifold

Getting Closer to Reaching 700hp! Welcome back to another installment of “Stock to Not,” where we take our 1994 Ram 2500 and go from, well, […]

The latest from diesel world!

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this right now, be sure to pat yourself on the back real quick. You made it through another month. Whether […]

Cutting-Edge Performance Upgrades: Fueling Power and Precision

Industrial injection XP 600 CP3 Pump Engineered with a robust 14mm shaft, 9mm plungers, a high-flow gear pump, and hardened & DLC coated internals, this […]

Embracing the Show-Season Spirit!

We are stoked to be back in our regular show-season mentality! Sled pulling has become an every-weekend occurrence around Florida, and with LST coming up […]

Boosting Power and Efficiency with These Products

01. Edge Products ’98.5-’02 Cummins Comp Box The Comp Box has dominated the 1998.5-2002 24V Cummins market for two decades and is what put Edge […]

Diesels of New York: The Rise of a Truck Enthusiast Empire

A New Breed of Truck Enthusiasts  Photos by Shane Bechold From parking lot hangouts to dirt track speedway events, from nothing to something, Diesels of […]

Love ‘Em or Hatem

An Unapologetic Diesel Dodge 2500  Photos by TUCKER HARRIS Ronnie Hatem doesn’t care what you think. With a self-appointed last name like “Hatem,” would you […]

Diesel World's Return and Exciting Plans

The little time between the holidays and the beginning of show/race season is so weird. So we’re glad to be back into the groove of […]

Installing a Belltech Rear Lowering Kit in Our 1994 Ram 2500

An Iconic brand meets an iconic truck We’re happy to have you all back to see some more tech with us! This month we’re working […]