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Diesel Trucks

Diesel World offering information about best diesel technology used in trucks and latest versions of small and big commercial diesel trucks.

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10 Giant Diesel Trucks

Size Matters Diesel trucks often come in various shapes and sizes, however the trend is that the bigger and badder trucks take the crown. Owners will often prioritize lift kits and big tire installations to take part in the competition of size. Belo...
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10 Unstoppable Off-Road Trucks

Diesels That Aren't Afraid To Roam It's fair to say that the majority of people who restore or modify trucks intend on bringing their works to shows or local drag races. However, not all enthusiasts enjoy bringing their trucks to beauty pageants. So...


ONE-OFF 1958 CHEVROLET VIKING 40 In the current climate of the auto industry, it’s difficult to be a pioneer of anything. Of course, there’s always the yearly ...