It’s Not All Just For Show

Many diesel truck owners have their trucks for personal use such as work, traveling, or just daily driving. Most of their trucks were likely stock, and later modified to the owners preference. Over the long run, this is more reasonable than buying a truck specifically for show, but it really depends on your taste. On the flip side, if one doesn’t drive trucks daily, then a show truck might be a better fit. It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, either way, the diesel community is happy to have you as a member!


A Show & Go Chevy Work Truck

The Beast Within: Just Your Average 1,365-Horsepower Work Truck

Purpose-Built Ram: Not Your Average Work Truck

A Truck Built For Work And Fun


Anatomy of a Sleeper: The Daily-driven 950HP Power Stroke

Blue Streak: A Tastefully Modded 3500HD

The Minus Max: Smart-Built 600-HP 2500HD

Sleeper Status: The Modest-Appearing 11-Second 7.3L

A Stylish 600-Horse Daily Driver