10 Blacked Out Trucks

Forces to be Reckoned With

There’s something charming about an all-black diesel truck. It could be the presence created, how it blends well with other colors, or the intimidation factor. Also, Many of the trucks on the list were built by active and ex-military, in which the tactical accents are visible in these trucks’ designs. Whatever the reason, blacked out diesel trucks have a special place in our hearts, and we’re here to celebrate them!

A Truck Built For Work And Fun


Big Bad Mega Cab

Max Fury: A One-of-a-Kind GMC Mega Cab


Hummin’ Cummins


DuramaxTuner’s Corvette Killer: 1,050-HP Suburban

Show Stopper: An Immaculate GMC with 1,021 HP

Classic Lines and 600 HP: A Remade ’97 F-250

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