A Tall, Black Truck Built To Shine

Jeff Dyer is not your typical sales manager. Weekdays he works for the local cable company dealing with the electronic wonders of the communication and entertainment world.  On weekends and evenings he heads home to the family… in his diesel truck.

Jeff’s been an automotive enthusiast all his life and finds being behind the wheel relaxing and fun. Heck, if he didn’t he wouldn’t have been able to put 70K mile on a truck in a year as an on-the-road rep and still like driving.

This black 2013 Ram truck is Jeff’s latest rig, but he’s owned two Fords and five other Ram trucks. In fact, this is one of two 2013 Rams he currently owns; he calls it his show truck and the other is his tow truck. Of course, both are diesel powered.
Jeff’s show truck sports a 10-inch Kelderman air suspension with remote-reservoir Fox 2.0 shocks and it rolls on 40×15.5×24 Toyo Open Country M/Ts and SOTA Death Metal wheels.

The Kelderman lift might be a full 10 inches, but the drop-down on the brackets ensures good geometry as well as a smooth and stable ride.
This black Ram truck looks cool, even standing still. The 10 inches of lift look more like 6 inches from a distance as proportions are all good with this setup. Air bags ensure a smooth ride.
The tires of choice are Toyo Open Country M/Ts, size 40×15.5×24. The SOTA Death Metal wheels from BMF make a statement of their own and the package complements the truck perfectly.
A high-capacity aluminum rear differential cover with the Street to Sand logo has been swapped for the stock steel cover. It adds oil capacity and aids in cooling too. The rear bumper is a Fusion unit with LED light added.
The front grille is now a black-painted insert and the front bumper is a Fusion unit that incorporates LED lighting.
To make entry easier with the 10-inch Kelderman Lift, a set of Amp Research steps was installed.
Kicker speaker are also fitted into the doors for maximum surround sound.
Here you can see the front air bags and the Fox 2.0 remote-reservoir shock setup.
Here you can see the rear half of the Kelderman 10-inch air suspension. It rides smooth and works well on and off the pavement.

The bumpers have been upgraded to Fusion steel plate units with Rigid LED lights. A Rigid LED light bar was used on the roof. The headlights and taillights are also LED units. In the interior, the factory head unit uses the three 2,400-watt amps to drive the massive speaker package.

“Between the step and the 6 inches that the Kelderman system can drop down, it’s almost like entering a stock truck.”

Some body graphics were added by TSS Graphics in Hudson, Massachusetts, while Johnson Auto Body of Tolland, Connecticut, did the black on black paint that stands out in a subtle way. Of course, an Amp Research step was installed to make it easier for all to enter and exit this tall truck. Between the step and the 6 inches that the Kelderman system can drop down, it’s almost like entering a stock truck.

Behind the rear seating area is a sound system worthy of an outdoor concert. The triple-mount 2,400-watt Kicker amps drive the four 10-inch subwoofers and the mid-bass speakers behind the seats as well as the door-mounted speaker with ease.
Here you see the twin compressors and dual air tanks for the Kelderman air suspension kit.
An AMP Research corner step makes getting at gear in the bed much easier, and it folds up when running down the road or on the trail.
A Rigid Industries LED light bar throws out more light than a full set of old-style Baja lights. The light is also whiter and the LED bulbs last much longer than the old bulbs.

Sure, Jeff works hard, both at home, taking care of his wife and two young kids, and at the office. But his real job is making sure everyone has fun on the weekends and holidays. Now fun with kids often involves toys and what better way to raise your kids than introduce them to grownup toys early in life? Sure, those educational games can help them learn basic math, but you can’t get the bug for tall trucks from a book.

Tagging along with Dad is often the best way to enjoy a day, especially in a truck like this one. Jeff tells us that his daughter, little Olivia, at just four years old, loves going to daycare in dad’s big black diesel and even has a pet name for it. While his son Grayson is only just over a year old, he has a full set of truck toys already that make him happy. One day, sooner than you think, they’ll both be asking for the keys and wanting to drive to school in this “Big Bad Mega Cab.” DW


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