A 1,500-hp Monster of a Drag Truck

When Skyler Oestreich of Spirit Lake, Idaho decided to build a Dodge Cummins diesel drag truck, he went all-in. While the Ram would still be configured like a normal diesel (four-wheel drive, stock-style suspension and body) virtually every single part on the ‘07 Ram has been modified for performance, reliability, or power. It takes quite a lot of work to transform a 16-second stocker into a 9-second screamer, and Skyler was nice enough to walk us through the entire build.

2007 white ram cummins diesel dynomite race drag

The heart of any fast diesel is the powerplant, and Skyler had a good platform to start with in a 5.9L Cummins engine. Since the entire engine would be rebuilt, Skyler started with a clean sheet, just using the block and nothing else. From there the engine was fitted with ARP main studs which secure a 6.7L crank, and give the engine a little added displacement. Diamond Pistons forged pistons were also added, and connected to the crankshaft with rods from D&J Precision Machine. Skyler used ARP 625 studs to secure a ported head to the short block, and the entire camshaft and valvetrain assembly is from Hamilton Cams.

Cummins ARP 625 head studs, 6.7L crank, D & J rods, diamond forged pistons
Everything that could be removed from the engine compartment of Sklyer’s Dodge, was removed. All that’s left is 6.2L of 1,564rwhp Cummins that’s ready to tackle the dragstrip.
80mm BorgWarner Cummins turbocharger
An 80mm BorgWarner turbocharger provides boost to the engine, and can handle 60 psi of boost in box-stock configuration.

Skyler has a leg-up on the competition in the power department because he builds high-performance injectors for Dynomite Diesel Products. This meant he could carefully select the exact pump and injector setup he needed for the truck. Starting with a FASS 290gph lift pump, Skyler then added twin 12mm CP3 pumps from Dynomite Diesel, which feeds a set of custom “Super Mental” 250-percent over injectors also from DDP. Tuning for the truck is done through Breakout Performance. For airflow, Skyler relied on the simple combination of a single 80mm turbocharger and a whole lot of nitrous, with a Turbosmart wastegate keeping boost in check at 60 psi.

ATS Arc Flow Cummins 5.9
In an effort to spool quickly and gain every last bit of airflow possible, an ATS Arc Flow intake was fitted to the modified factory cylinder head.


The Ram makes power–lots of it–but going down a track is definitely different than just running on a dyno. Here Skyler went with an interesting combination of manual and electric parts to achieve success, based around the factory 48RE transmission. For starters, Skyler had Dynamic Transmission replace all three factory shafts with aftermarket pieces from TCS. The intermediate shaft is standard-sized but the input and output are both oversized for strength. Power from the engine is transferred to the transmission via a DPC quad-disc converter that keeps everything locked once engaged. The shifting is quite a clever arrangement, as missed shifts can be common when dealing with the factory computer. To combat this, Skyler installed a manual valvebody from Goerend Transmission that is electronically shifted via a Shiftnoid shifter and through tuning from Breakout Performance. This insures 4,750-rpm shifts every time as the truck goes down the track.

ATS Twin Fueler kit CP3 upgrade
An ATS Twin Fueler kit was installed to add a second CP3 pump, and both pumps were upgraded to 12mm units from Dynomite Diesel. Not only do these pumps maintain rail pressure up to 2,000rwhp, they also allow the engine to rev to a whopping 6,000 rpm!


When it comes to the suspension and axles, what’s impressive is what’s not done. Skyler has achieved 1.42 60-foot times with little tricks here and there, but with no radical changes. The rear axle has had Yukon axle shafts and a Grizzly locker added for strength, but retains the factory 3.73 gears. The truck has also been slightly lowered, as coils were cut in the front, and the rear only rides on two leaf springs, but on Viking double-adjustable shocks.

BD Dodge Cummins manifold with Turbosmart wastegate
Nothing is stock about the exhaust side of the engine. A BD Diesel manifold replaced the factory version, and a compact 45mm wastegate from Turbosmart was installed to relieve drive pressure.

Dodge Cummins On A Diet

At more than 7,500-pounds from the factory, Dodge Cummins diesels have weight as their mortal enemy. Skyler sought to combat this hindrance too, with a complete gutting of the entire truck. Only bedsides remain of the rear bed, while the cab and front end also feature extensive weight reduction. All of the factory glass was replaced with Lexan, which saved hundreds of pounds. Even with the 8.50-cert full rollcage (that Skyler built himself) the truck comes in at a svelte 5,800 pounds, and that’s with driver.

Dodge Cummins nitrous solenoids
There’s a number of nitrous solenoids scattered throughout the engine compartment that are in charge of power-adding. Skyler has run upward of a 300-horsepower shot, but the system is capable of an 800-horsepower shot if track conditions allow.
BD high flow intercooler Cummins diesel
Skyler replaced the factory intercooler with a stronger, higher-flowing piece from BD Diesel Performance, which cools down the compressor discharge to just above ambient.

So the big question is, did all of this add up to performance? You bet it did! With all three stages of nitrous flowing, the Dodge Cummins diesel has made an impressive 1,564 rwhp on a chassis dyno, and quickly dipped into the 10s, then the 9s at the dragstrip. With a current best of 9.60 at 145 mph, Skyler’s diesel is quicker and faster than many gas rides out there, at nearly twice the weight! Skyler had a goal in mind, and he quickly accomplished it. Next up, the 8s!

Cummins diesel electric fan
Engine-driven fans sap power and take up space, so Skyler installed an electric fan instead.
Cummins Engine safety equipment
Skyler has all the bells and whistles on his Dodge, and that includes the proper safety equipment to run in the 9s. An engine blanket wraps around the bottom of the engine and protects against an oil down in the case of a catastrophic failure.
Racepak data logger
What isn’t needed didn’t make it into the interior. A Racepak data logger and a few gauges, a racing seat, and an 8.50 cage built by Skyler itself.

5.9L Cummins Aftermarket Billet Freeze plug

290 GPH FASS lift pump
A 290-GPH FASS lift pump provides fuel flow to the engine, and is connected to the front of the truck via Push-Loc lines and fittings.
Twin coolers with dedicated fans
Cooling is of the utmost importance to keep transmissions alive, especially when trying to spool a 80mm single. Twin coolers with dedicated fans are used to cool the built 48RE.
fuel cell and stock steel bedsides
Just like the interior, the bed has been relieved of virtually everything that is unnecessary. A fuel cell and stock steel bedsides are just about the only thing that remains out back.
Hoosier DR2 drag radials
The truck is propelled forward by four Hoosier DR2 drag radials that claw at the pavement. They’re mounted on 18×10-inch wheels.


ATS Dynomite Diesel Products truck wrap

When we talked to Skyler last, he indicated that his truck has yet again gone through a transformation. He cut another 400 pounds of weight out of the Dodge Cummins by removing the factory sheet metal and switching to lightweight Wilwood brakes, and 16-inch wheels. A new wrap also gave the truck a new look, and a quick-spooling 88mm Garrett turbocharger was added. We guess he wasn’t kidding about wanting that 8.99 timeslip!

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