Quick Start

XDP Gear Reduction Starters


XDP’s new Gear Reduction Starters feature a smaller motor that’s faster, more efficient, and draws less amperage. The Gear Reduction Design produces more torque than a factory unit at about a third of the size. This not only reduces weight, but also makes a more compact design for easier installation. Each starter comes pre-tested, ready for installation, and features a durable “Wrinkle Black” finish for corrosion resistance and great aesthetics.

Xtreme Diesel Performance

Full Boost

Riffraff Diesel Bellowed Up-pipe Kit 94-Early 99


Riffraff Diesel has announced their new Bellowed Up-pipe Kit made from certified aerospace-grade 321 stainless steel. It’s designed to replace the “donut” gasket that’s prone to leakage, while providing the most cost-effective premium construction available. Fits the ’94 to early ’99 Power Stroke 7.3L. This item features TIG-welded 321 stainless bellows and pipes, international stainless gaskets, and an OEM Ford hardware kit. Comes in your choice of finish, standard non-coated or ceramic-coated.

Riffraff Diesel

Long Range

Colorado/Canyon 40-Gallon In-bed Fuel Tank


Transfer Flow has introduced a 40-gallon in-bed auxiliary fuel tank system for the 2018 diesel Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. The 40-gallon fuel tank is uniquely designed with a small footprint to maximize bed space, a compact height for fitting under many popular tonneau covers, and computer-controlled automatic fuel transferring.

Transfer Flow

Secure it

HP Power Heatshield AnchorDW-1811-PRODS-04

HP Power Anchor from Heatshield Products makes it possible to easily remove and reinstall Heatshield Armor and similar heat barriers with an innovative Power Hook system. Stainless steel construction makes the components strong and corrosion resistant even after numerous high-temperature heat cycles and exposure to underhood elements. All that’s required for installation is a standard rivet gun.

Heatshield Products

L5P Exhaust

Banks Power 4-Inch Monster Exhaust


Banks Power has released their new 4-inch Monster Exhaust with CoolCuff for the 2017-2018 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P 2500HD/3500HD. The DPF-back exhaust system features constant-diameter, 4-inch, mandrel-bent 409 stainless steel tubing, and the exclusive CoolCuff exhaust gas temperature reduction system.

Banks Power

Lube It

X-Factor Oil Additive


X-Factor is a 100% synthetic friction reducer that’s engineered to help decrease engine wear, reduce noise and vibration, improve engine efficiency, as well as clean and protect internal engine surfaces from corrosion, rust, and sludge. Intended for use on all diesel and gasoline engines, X-Factor is also compatible with both conventional and synthetic engine oils.

Xtreme Diesel Performance

Keep Your Cool

Flex-A-Lite Extruded Tube Core Radiators


Flex-A-Lite’s new line of Extruded Tube Core Radiators provides better heat transfer and stronger, more durable construction with less weight. The key cooling technology in the new Flex-A-Lite radiators is a core that’s made with extruded tubes, which increases the contact area between the coolant and aluminum tubes, to allow for much better heat transfer than the outdated single-core, 2-core, 3-core, and 4-core tube designs.


Cummins Huffer

Wehrli S300SXE Turbo 2013-2018 6.7 Cummins Install Kit


This kit will allow you to install an S300SXE-based turbo on your 2013-2018 6.7 Cummins with an ATS or Steed Speed 2nd Gen Style Exhaust Manifold (sold separately). Kit includes all components needed to install the turbo. Wehrli mounts the manifold pointing upward, which allows for a quick and simple downpipe install—no cutting of your exhaust system required. In addition, the Wehrli kit’s downpipe connects to the V-band flange on the exhaust pipe just as your factory turbo/cast elbow did.

Wehrli Custom Fab

Rolling Stock

Vision Wheel Rebel Series


Just released from Vision Wheel is the new 391 Rebel series of rims. Available in three different sizes—20×9, 20×10, and 20×12—and in three different finishes—chrome, satin black, or gloss black milled. Vision’s new wheels feature a concave, open-spoke design, with an adjustable center cap height for taller hubs. To add your own style, the crosshair on the center cap is also changeable and easily customizable.

Vision Wheel

Density Gauge

Banks Power AirMouse


Banks Power has introduced the AirMouse ambient air density module, the first in a line of intelligent sensors for the iDash 1.8 Super Gauge. Designed to measure the power potential of air entering all naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged engines, the Banks AirMouse is a rugged, military-grade weather station that boasts scientific accuracy. The AirMouse sends lightning-fast data over the Banks Bus Network to the iDash 1.8 for monitoring and data logging. The mouse-shaped sensor module mounts in the vehicle’s grille or air intake to constantly monitor the characteristics of the available air, which directly impacts engine performance.

Banks Power

HD Binders

Wilwood Dynalite Calipers


Wilwood’s Forged Dynalite Internal (FDLi) aluminum lug mount calipers are the new generation in the Dynalite caliper series. FDLi bodies are manufactured from a new forging process that’s designed to increase wheel clearance in the bridge transition. All standard and powdercoated models receive a Type III Mil-Spec hard anodized base finish for durability in the piston bores, resistance to abrasion, and prevention of corrosion throughout. These innovations in design and finishing processes make them the strongest, most durable, and most visually pleasing Dynalite calipers ever built.

Wilwood Engineering

Freeze Plug Fix

BD Cummins Killer Frost Plug Plates


Before the thermostat fully opens, the coolant pressure can reach 70+ psi at high rpm, causing a corroded frost plug to leak or blow out. BD’s Killer Frost Plug Plates work with the OEM frost plug-in place, leaking or blown out—no need to punch the old frost plug out. Since it’s located at the rear of the engine block, the perfect time to install one is when the transmission is removed.

BD Diesel

Boost Tube

KB Diesel 6.4L Ford Intercooler Tube


This is a 3-inch Cold Side Intercooler Tube for the 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Power Stroke. It’s designed to increase air flow dramatically compared to the crimped OE tube. Increased airflow on the cold side helps reduce exhaust gas temperatures on the hot. Features include mandrel-bent steel tube construction with a powdercoated finish available in candy blue or gloss black. Made in the USA.

KB Diesel

Easy Hose Building

EZ-ON Hose Press


Koul Tools has released a new and improved EZ-ON Hose Press—the 409B. Lighter and more efficient, this new model features thrust and ball bearings for smoother operation, a new drive screw and larger nut for improved performance, as well as a traveling carriage with sealed bearings that rolls on a track for better stability. The EZ-ON Hose Press 409B installs both straight and angled fittings from 1/4- to 1-inch sizes in mere seconds. It utilizes a stationary vise to secure the fitting and a travelling carriage to clamp the hose. The hose is then easily installed by turning the drive screw with a ratchet or impact gun.

Koul Tools

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