After ’53, the U-Series D2s got some revisions here in the form of levers that were relocated and redesigned to greater driver comfort and use. The seat was enlarged and repositioned for greater comfort.

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If you ever missed out from one of our news stories because of a family event, job issue, or whatever it may be, we made a way for you to keep yourself updated or even get a recap on what’s happened in the diesel community for the month. Keep up with these stories as some may include some recalls or significant business event within the truck community. Additionally if any fun events pop up, the dates will be provided in the stories so you can attend meets, races, pulls, and other truck events. Show your support by sharing these news stories with friends and check out our main posts of diesel content on our home websiteFacebook page, or Instagram page. If you have a diesel ride that you think should be featured on those pages, post pictures of it on Instagram or Facebook, tag Diesel World, and we’ll check it out!

Diesel News 4-1-19

Diesel News 4.8.19

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Diesel News 4-29-19

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