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Sold: TS Performance’s Caged Fury Pro Street Dodge

Someone just got their hands on a piece of history. Recently the folks at TS Performance sold the ’01 Dodge Ram 2500 known as Caged Fury, after it’d been retired for a number of years. In 2002, the VP44-equipped Cummins was the first diesel truck in the 12’s, then became the first to go 11’s the following year. After that, the truck became one of the first diesels in the 10’s in 2004. Later in its Pro Street career, the second-gen sported a Scheid Diesel compound turbo’d, P-pumped 24-valve under the hood, as well as a 48RE with a hand-operated hydraulic clutch, and ran mid 9’s. It’s best eighth-mile pass to date was a blazing 5.78 back in 2009. Now based in Canada…we hope the new owner gets it back on the track soon.


P-pumped 7.3L Mustang Destined for Low 7’s?

Matt Kubik ushered in spring from behind the wheel of his “Demented” Pro Mod Mustang, and so far things look pretty promising for the P-pumped 7.3L pony car. Although his latest eighth-mile test-hit (left) was aborted after the 330-foot mark, more than two tenths of a second was shaved off of the car’s fastest pass to date (right). Once a minor rebound issue is dealt with, Kubik’s bad in black Mustang should be good for mid-to-high 4’s in the ‘660 and low 7’s through the 1320. Also look for him to knock on the door of 200-mph quarter-miles this summer.

The Carnage Gremlins Called…

It’s never convenient when an engine lets loose, but luckily for Wayne Yates of Stroke Works Diesel Specialties, he knew the Power Stroke in his 6.4L-swapped Excursion owed him nothing and had planned accordingly. After an over-rev situation due to the transmission letting go in the middle of a nitrous-assisted quarter-mile pass, several rods were bent, culminating in this carnage some six months later. Now, with the factory bottom end kaput and the heads cracked due to extreme EGT, Yates has turned to Carrillo rods, a Stage 2 Colt cam, a full-billet 5R110, and ported heads (with thermal coated fire decks) to absorb further race-day abuses.

Compact Diesel Puller in Europe

As proof that there are tractor pulling fanatics everywhere, check out the compact puller coined Red Raptor put together by Pulling Crew Ostfriesland. The north Germany pulling team set a built 1.9L TDI from a Volkswagen Jetta into the frame of this mini-tractor and hung a P-pump off the side. The folks of the Pulling Crew Ostfriesland hope to glean 350 hp out of the little VW. Their pulling season kicks off in late April and runs through the end of September. With most U.S. pulling circuits only spanning from June-September, we could definitely get used to seeing this type of power hook to the sled six months out of the year!

OEM News

Texas-Only Ram HD

Texas is the largest pickup truck market in the United States, and as such it’s often privy to exclusive trim packages. The 2019 Ram 2500 and 3500 Lone Star editions are no different. Distinct Lone Star tailgate and interior badging sets them apart from the rest of the flock, along with chrome door handles, grille surround, and bumpers. Lone Star models also come with halogen headlights with optional LED lighting, with the standard 18-inch wheel option also being upgradeable to 20’s (chrome or painted aluminum). Two interior packages and four separate colors are also available on Lone Star, which include Black/Light Brown, Black/Diesel Gray, Light Frost/Black, or all-black.


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