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Wyoming CAT

You might not believe this as a reader of Diesel World, but there is a growing national shortage of diesel mechanics. One company looking to fill various jobs within its ranks is Wyoming Machinery Company, a Caterpillar dealer headquartered in Casper, Wyoming. There are currently 25 openings, with everything from electrician to field welder to truck shop technician positions available. Above average pay, great benefits, and the ability to work on heavy equipment or on-highway trucks is all part of the deal when you enter this highly rewarding line of work.


Sled Pulling Is in the Air

With spring creeping into the heartland, you can literally smell the ether and diesel in the air. In a few short weeks, the American countryside will be a hive of activity as trucks and tractors hook to the sled and take to the dirt. And, as the folks at Moore Motorsports recently showed the social media world, the toddlers are champing at the bit, too. Look for the Moore Motorsports John Deere to hit various East Coast Pullers events this year in the Super Stock/Pro Stock class, as well as several PPL venues. We can only hope that this little man is at his PawPaw’s (Dave Moore) side all summer long.


How To Properly ID A Super Duty

Can you do it? A new spotter’s guide put together by Jim Vreeland Ford Parts has made the process of identifying Ford’s iconic heavy-duty pickups a cinch. The graphic the company put together highlights the slight detail changes that took place from ’99-present. While it may seem simple (even unnecessary to some), once you realize how many tweaks and redesigns Ford has performed on the front-ends of its Super Duty’s over the last 20 years, it begins to make sense. Key characteristics of ’99-’07 versions include the words “Super Duty” not being present on the hood or grille, while the opposite was the case on ’08-’10 trucks, along with the fog lights being inset in the bumper. A dropped center section of the front bumper and a large air dam showed up on ’11-’16 trucks, the turn signals sit on the outside edge of the headlights on ’17-’19 models, and ’20 trucks are slated to possess large, C-shaped headlights.

OEM News

Even Without Diesel Models, American VW Sales Grow

Even with the seemingly permanent black eye VW earned from the dieselgate scandal, and its subsequent killing off of all American diesel models, the German automaker’s sales in the U.S. continue to grow. Overall, Volkswagen of America’s sales rose a whopping 14 percent in March, and its year-over-year numbers are up 2.3 percent over 2018. Among its most popular vehicles is the Tiguan, which 11,805 Americans purchased in the third month of 2019. This begs the question—especially with so many other manufacturers pulling out of the diesel game recently—will Volkswagen attempt to fill the void and bring diesels back to America once again in the future? After all, they’ve already done it once…

Parts Rack

Adjustable Track Bar

Re-centering the front axle is vitally important once you’ve lifted your truck, and Flight Fabrications’ new adjustable track bar allows you to do just that. Designed for ’10-’18 fourth-gen Ram 2500 and 3500’s, it’s built from beefy, 1.5-inch x 0.375-inch wall tubing and utilizes a steel threaded adjuster with 1-inch right-handed (RH) and left-handed (LH) thread for ample adjustment. Flight Fabs’ adjustable track bar works with the factory frame mount on trucks with as much as 4-inches of lift (higher than that requires a drop bracket). The track bar retails for $399 and we’re told a third-gen bar is also in the works.

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