Diesel News – The Perfect Second Gen Ram; Engine Carnage and more…

Ride Of The Week

Homegrown ’66 Ford

A suicide door, crew cab ’66 Ford? Yes please! TJ Salokas has a knack for envisioning a project and then tackling it with no fear. No stranger to ground-up rat-rod builds, TJ embarked on this job with his father, Tony, in his home garage. As you can see, two standard cabs were mated into one to pull off the unique crew cab configuration—but what you can’t see is the sunroof, which was pulled from an ’01 F-150. A Super Duty chassis and axles with air-ride are also part of the build, and we think the flatbed looks killer. What are you working on this winter?



Carnage Corner

How Much Torque Could The Con-Rod Take?

The stuff you see in a diesel shop…And we get the feeling there is seldom a dull moment at No Way Man Diesel, the business owned by avid Limited Pro Stock truck puller Jason Wayman. This rod was pulled from a 6.7L Cummins that had some major problems. It’s definitely going to need a new crankshaft, if not a fresh block to start over with. It’s been said that roughly 1,800 lb-ft of torque is the breaking point for a factory 6.7L rod, but as with any engine, carnage can come calling well before you’re turning out 800 or 900 hp.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100035953075932


G56 Failure

This PSA is brought to you by SuperStick Transmissions: do not dump the clutch in your G56-equipped Ram—or your input shaft splines will twist like this, or worse. If you’re at the track, always slip the clutch as best you can (and as quickly as possible) to pull off your boosted launch. In the words of SuperStick’s Cody Albrecht: “You are the valve body and torque converter with a manual transmission. You decide how long it lasts.” With the torque of a Cummins never going to show the transmission behind it mercy, this is sound advice for any manual owner.

Source: https://supersticktransmissions.com/




2023 NHRDA Classes & Rules

New rules have been made public for the return of National Hot Rod Diesel Association racing, and the biggest news is that the NHRDA is switching to eighth-mile racing. In addition, most of the organization’s racing categories will mirror ODSS classes, with NHRDA’s Top Diesel, Pro Stock, and Pro Street being pretty much the same as the ODSS’s Pro Dragster, Pro Mod, and Pro Street classes, respectively. Beyond that, NHRDA’s Super Street class has become its 5.90 Index, the old 10.90 is now a 6.70 Index class, Super Diesel has become 7.70, and Sportsman remains Sportsman. The one exception to eighth-mile racing exists with the Hot Rod semi category, although if the big-rigs break into the 10’s they too will switch to eighth-mile racing.

Source: https://nhrda.com/



Diesel Classifieds

Holy Grail Sale

As proof that a ’98 12-valve second-gen is still one of the hottest buys in the diesel world, Fusion Bumpers’ Johnny Ramirez sold his immaculate Cummins within hours of listing it for sale. The truck itself had 209,000 miles on the clock, but the 5.9L had been built by Big Twin Diesel (Carrillo rods, Diamond pistons, ARP fasteners throughout), DDP had handled the fueling, and a GT4718R/GTX3582R compound turbo arrangement provided the boost. The Carli, Kelderman and Fox names made it into the truck’s suspension, an ATS Diesel Stage 6 47RE handled the shifts, and a completely overhauled interior that’d been Dynamat’d and treated to Katzkin leather made for a daily-drivable showpiece that could win the dyno day or the show ‘n shine. Surprisingly, Johnny had the truck listed for just $30,000. That’s a deal if we’ve ever seen one.


Still In Style…And Still Bringing Big Bucks

All used truck prices have skyrocketed over the past two years, but perhaps none have command as much cash as the OBS Fords. Find a rust-free, low-mile one and a $50,000 asking price isn’t out of the question. Need proof? New Jersey’s King Of Cars & Trucks Inc. has this crew cab F-350 XLT listed for $47,900—and it will probably be sold by the time you read this. The one-owner, West Coast 4×4 is leveled with 35-inch BFGoodrich all-terrains, and rear air springs in the rear, sports the E4OD automatic, and shows just 128,000 miles on the odometer.

Source: https://www.njtruckking.com/



Parts Rack

Stainless Steel Injector Cups

From basic, problem-solving aftermarket products to fully custom-machined, competition-based parts, Riffraff Diesel has been supporting the ’94-’07 7.3L and 6.0L Power Stroke platforms for 15 years now.  The company’s latest product is its newly-patented stainless steel extreme duty injector cups for the 7.3L. CNC machined for precise quality and made from 100-percent USA-made billet stainless steel that’s noticeably thicker walled than the stock brass pieces, you can expect a longer lifespan with these cups. Riffraff’s stainless steel injector cups retail for less than $180 and the company also offers an injector cup puller/installer for rent to help you tackle the job.

Source: https://www.riffraffdiesel.com/

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