How the truck sits today with a host of goodies bolted on. The new Hellwig airbags and Bilstein shocks help keep the truck riding nice and sitting level when towing a dozen one-ton hay bales from the field to the feed lot. The tuning increased horsepower and torque to keep that load moving forward, while the BD Tapshifter and Exhaust Brake help bringing it to a stop. And how could you look past those brand new Ultra Predator dually wheels with General Grabber AT2 tires to for better mud and snow traction?

A Truck You Can Drive Anywhere Is The Best Kind Of Truck!

The diesel truck community is unique in the automotive world because of the vehicles that are involved. Diesel trucks are typically used as work trucks and modifications won’t get in the way of progress, but rather encourage it. Many people who run contracting businesses of sorts will choose diesel trucks as their vehicle of choice because of their strength in towing, reliability, and efficiency. When it comes to running a contracting business, having a truck that’ll get you between jobs is a good investment because the quicker a job is done, the better the pay. This handful of trucks are diesel rigs that have gone through some entry-level and mid-level modifications to help with work but aren’t absolute powerhouses on the strip. These trucks focus on the key idea of versatility and the ability to use a diesel truck for just about anything one could desire.

Tow Master: 640HP Daily Driver

A Standard Cab LB7, Built on a Budget

Project Mundane: 500hp Daily Driver

A Stylish 600-Horse Daily Driver

The Minus Max: Smart-Built 600-HP 2500HD

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