Highlights from the biggest show in Carlisle history

Like they do every August, truck lovers from all over the country flock to Carlisle, PA for this year’s Truck Nationals. Carlisle always puts on a good show, but we have to admit, this year was nothing short of extraordinary.

While Carlisle is always a big event, this year smashed previous records. We’ve had the opportunity to attend quite a few times over the years, and we’ve never seen it this packed. The event is always the biggest truck show in the northeast, but the Carlisle team told us that this year was bigger than ever. 2,870 trucks were registered, surpassing the previous record by about 300 trucks, with a huge diesel presence through the whole weekend.

The heart and soul of the Carlisle Truck Nationals has got to be the truck show itself. Enthusiasts from every corner of the country showcased their prized rigs, ranging from classic pickups to towering diesel monsters. While there were plenty of street-style builds and lots of others on display, we were stoked to see that the diesel community showed up in full force. The meticulous detailing, stunning paint jobs, and innovative mods on display were a testament to the passion and dedication of each truck’s owners.

The dyno challenge this year was, in a word, awesome. It had the ground literally trembling under our feet. The power on some of these trucks gave us some sneaky ideas for our next truck builds. Anybody with a new project on the horizon was taking notes.

You could’ve caught us taking notes at the show-n-shine walkthrough, too. The variety of trucks on display was absolutely insane. TONS of classics with diesel swaps, stunning show builds, and lots and lots of droolworthy modifications were turning heads the whole time.

There’s no better place to showcase big rigs, wreckers, carriers, dumps, antiques, and heavy haulers of all kinds than the Carlisle Big Rig Show. Another major highlight of the event, the show had a huge turnout of heavy duty diesels.

Whether you’re a die-hard truck enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty and power of these vehicles, these displays are a visual feast that add an extra layer of excitement to this annual truck extravaganza.

Carlisle Truck Nationals 2024 is already on our books. Don’t miss out on next year’s event. We’ll see you there!


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