Ford F350 Sintor Super Truck

The Original Sintor Truck

This original Ford F350 Sintor truck is the SEMA truck that’s not a “SEMA Truck,” it actually got used like a truck should, and has since gone on to create a business. This big custom 6.7L diesel started off life as a show truck for Sinister Diesel and has gone on to spawn an entire custom truck building company, Sintor Trucks.

Sintor Ford F350 6.7L

This truck debuted all the way back at The SEMA Show 2018. It has been evolving ever since and made another big appearance at The SEMA Show 2019. It was in the Turn 14 booth this time and continued to turn heads. We got a chance to photograph this monster after the show late last year and can assure you that it’s just as impressive up close and personal as it looks in the pictures.

The Sintor Vision

This Ford F350 6.7L came to be because Sinister Diesel couldn’t find a big unique promo vehicle that met their high standards of fit and finish. This led them to build their own unique truck to stand out from the crowd and showcase the quality of their products.

This original Sintor build was designed to follow Ford’s design lines but make them even more big and bold. The idea was for the truck to look and feel like it just rolled off the production line at Ford, but like nothing anyone had seen before. This meant that the truck would have to be built to the highest design and quality standards possible. It also meant that it didn’t just have to have unique clean looks, but also had to work well on the road, towing, and off-road as well. All those big ideas came together to create this truly special truck that continues to stand out from the crowd.

6.7L Power Stroke Engine

Sinister Intake, Sinister Intercooler tube kit, Sinister Coolant filter
The 6.7L Power Stroke under the hood benefits from a Sinister Intake, Sinister Intercooler tube kit, Sinister Coolant filter and more.

Business partners, Brian George and Mike Mitchell plus their team of builders have built many custom SEMA trucks over the years for Sinister Diesel and others. The Sintor Ford F350 was a whole other level of project, however, which required an even deeper talent pool. George put together a team of the best suspension, metal fabrication, and paint guys in the business to make this dream a reality. Thousands of hours of design and engineering time went into this original Sintor truck. George and Mitchell wanted to particularly thank WFO, Ben York, Josh Carson and Mario Novelli as well as all their employees for helping get this project off the ground and ready for The SEMA Show.

Sintor Customers

The talented people behind Sintor never imagined this initial build spanning a full company making custom trucks for people around the globe. Only a couple years in now, Sintor has sent trucks to all corners of the country, and even the Middle East. Each Sintor Truck build is unique, and the brand and upgrades are continually evolving.

While individuals have bought Sintor Trucks, most have been built for companies that want something different to use for promotion of their small businesses. Big upgrades, to an already big impressive truck, don’t come cheap, and business write-offs help justify the purchase a bit.

Let’s dive in and see why the costs are fully justified.

Bigger is Better

While the Sintor is stock inside, not much else on the truck has been left untouched. This beast started life as a 2018 Ford F350 Lariat Crew Cab 6.7L Power Stroke. It was then heightened, widened, tuned and tweaked. It now has 600+ horsepower and 1,200 lb.-ft.+ of torque.

King Coilovers plus a pair of King Bypass shocks
The Sintor suspension system employs just the right amount of shock for it’s size, King Coilovers plus a pair of King Bypass shocks.

The first thing that grabs the eye on the Sintor has to be the massive 46-inch tires. These DOT approved Michelins are ready for adventure anywhere. That big heavy-duty rubber is mounted on custom designed 20-inch 10-lug wheels, with rock rings.

Deaver springs, DPF back Sinister exhaust kit, AR exhaust tips
Outback you’ll find another pair of King Bypass shocks, plus a set of Deaver springs. A DPF back exhaust kit from Sinister was installed along with one of their AR exhaust tips.

Of course, to fit big rubber like that under a street going truck the body is going to need some serious massaging. In this case Sintor hand lays carbon fiber front and rear fenders, grille surround, and hood scoop. The grille surround substructure allows the front-end of the truck to be 5-inches wider than stock. The big fenders actually make the entire truck 11-inches wider than the stock F-350.

Sintor Ford F350 6.7L Power Stroke

All of this is of course super important in order to house the big tires and wider axels, which provide stability for this lifted monster. Sintor swaps the axels out for F-450 units. This provides the heavy-duty running gear required to handle the big heavy tires, including bigger brakes to stop all that rolling mass.

Sintor Custom 2018 Ford F350

That much extra mass and width under the truck also requires some big upgrades to make the truck easily drivable in all conditions. Up front you get a custom steering system and a big King coilover conversion. Out back you get a custom track bar, Deaver Springs, and King bypass shocks.

Under The Hood

Of course this Sintor truck is fully upgraded under the hood. It has a Sinister Diesel intake system, intercooler pipes, and coolant filtration system. The engine is tuned and monitored through a California Edition Edge CTS.

Mac Tiedown Strap Gen Y Hitch

In order to let the motor breath more easily and stay cool a Sinister Diesel DPF back 5-inch turn down exhaust system, that has been ceramic coated, was installed. The exhaust is finished off with a Sinister Diesel AR-Tip.

Details Matter

No custom truck of this caliber would be complete without some significant quality details. Custom ADD Stealth Fighter front and rear bumpers provide protection and rugged good looks. The massive 46-inch spare tire of course isn’t going to fit under the truck, so a Sintor spare tire bed rack is installed. This truck can handle business as well and is fitted with a Gen-Y tow hitch.

Edge CTS2
Of course this Sintor employs the original go-to for gauges and tuning, the Edge CTS2.
Rock Rings, 46” Michelin (395/85R20) Tires
Sintor 20”x10” Wheels w/ Rock Rings wrapped in massive 46” Michelin (395/85R20) Tires

Retro Customs color match painted both the stock taillights and the upgraded 2019 Ford F-150 LED headlights. KRZ Films tinted out the windows while Wrap Concepts completed the mean looking graphics package.

Adventures Ahead

Expect to see this monster rolling around the US, but not as a Sintor show vehicle but as a private vehicle. This Ford F350 6.7L was sold in early 2020 to make room for even more crazy builds in Sintor Truck’s future. If you want Sintor to build you one of their insane creations get in line now, as the current waiting list is over six-months.

Addictive Desert Designs Front Bumper,
The full custom front end utilizes, among many other things, headlights from a 2019 F150 and a bumper from Addictive Desert Designs.

19 14 18 03

For more on Sintor’s builds check them out at or on Instagram @sintortrucks.

Sintor Truck Specs

Base: 2018 Ford F350 Lariat Crew Cab 6.7L Power Stroke
Engine: Sinister Diesel Intake System, Intercooler Pipes, Coolant Filtration, EDGE CTS (California Edition)
Exhaust: Sinister Diesel DPF back 5” Turn Down w/Ceramic Coating, Sinister Diesel AR-Tip
Body: Sintor Carbon Fiber Grille Shell & Grill Insert, Sintor Carbon Fiber HoodScoop, Sintor Custom Carbon Fiber Fenders and Bed Sides, Widened Inner Wheel Wells
Wheels and Tires: Sintor 20”x10” Wheels w/ Rock Rings wrapped in massive 46” Michelin (395/85R20) Tires
Suspension: King Coilover Conversion up Front w/King Bypass Shocks and Deaver Leaf Springs in the Rear
Driveline: F-450 Axles w/F-450 Brakes, 4.88 Gears, Electronic Locker, Custom Steering & Track Bar Components
Accessories: ADD Stealth Fighter Front & Rear Bumpers, Sintor Bed Spare Tire Rack, 2019 Ford F-150 LED Headlights and Stock Taillights Painted by Retro Customs, Gen-Y Hitch, Tint by KRZ Films Rocklin, CA, Graphics by Wrap Concepts Rocklin, CA

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