Girls Can Drive Diesel Too!

In the diesel truck community, women aren’t too heavily represented because of their demographic percentage in the community. Not many women are into cars and trucks, but those that are interested, are more than welcome in the scene. There’s plenty of women out there that build and modify trucks but often choose to not participate in the events or shows because of the comments and assumptions made. Men will often assume that girls can’t drive trucks, which is far from the truth. There’s a ton of girls particularly in the south that love trucks, so if your girlfriend or wife shows interest in trucks, take them to a truck meet and let them enjoy the scene. The same thing goes for any other groups that feel that they aren’t welcome to the truck meets. The people attending these meets are very friendly and have a special bond with others because of a mutual love for cars and trucks. Find someone and introduce yourself and you could find a new friend to ride along, build, and race with!

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