Making Sure Your Truck Gets Specialized Service

Diesel trucks have numerous mechanical similarities, however, each rig is unique when comparing engines, modifications, and aesthetics. The primary engine manufacturers in the diesel community are Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke, each with their specialties. With that being said, modifying your truck requires research because various modifications may reap benefits in one engine, but not another. Power Strokes have a set of common mechanical issues that are often expected as the engines become older. Below is a collection of these downfalls, and how they’d impact the performance and overall efficiency of your truck.


Ford Power Stroke Diesel Problems,

After checking out that list, it’s important to note that Power Strokes are still very reliable diesel engines and that other engines also have their special pitfalls with increased wear and tear. Now that you’ve made a list of some possible issues that you could face while owning a Power Stroke, here’s a set of modifications that may mitigate the effects of the problems, or even better, completely prevent them from happening in the first place.

Power Stroke Problem Solvers

Improved Filtration Will Make Your Power Stroke Last Longer

Breaking Point: How Much HP Can Your Power Stroke’s Stock Hardware Handle?

Hopefully reading through this helps and remember, you have to make sure to always research the parts you like before purchasing them. Just like your body’s blood type with a transfusion, the right stuff has to be put in, or it’ll get rejected, causing further damage to the overall system. If you have any cool pictures of your truck and its Power Stroke engine, post them on Facebook or Instagram, and tag @dieselworldmag for a repost or a chance to get featured!