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Stolen and Recovered Within 24 Hours

When the beautiful OBS Ford that parks in Jeff Richardson’s driveway was stolen one night, he turned to Facebook to help him hunt down the culprits. With tips that the truck had been spotted locally (in the Bonne Terre, Missouri area) filtering in from friends, the ultra-clean, two-tone Super Cab was found in less than 24 hours’ time. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen social media help owners reunite with a stolen vehicle. After all, the more eyes keeping a lookout, the better. It’s believed that the truck incurred no serious damage while being driven by the thief.





State of the Diesel Performance Industry

An interview from back in November has begun to make the rounds on social media, and for good reason. In the 24-minute clip published by ATS Diesel and available on Youtube, ATS’s Clint Cannon discusses the future of clean diesel technology and how emissions-compliant horsepower can and will be made. Cannon discusses how optimized airflow, better fuel atomization, precise engine tuning, and even EGR can all be used effectively together in high horsepower diesel applications going forward. A little more than 10 years into the DPF era, it will be interesting to see where things sit 10 years from now in the diesel world, especially since so many manufacturers are beginning to focus all of their efforts on emission-compliant components.





1,033 lb-ft Bimmer on Stock Internals

With some love from S&S Diesel Motorsport, Santjer Performance Development was able to squeeze 678 hp and 1,033 lb-ft of torque out of its oil-burning BMW last week on the chassis dyno. The 3.0L in the 335d sedan sports dual CP3’s, S&S’s 100-percent over injectors, Malone tuning, and factory turbochargers in addition to a bone-stock bottom end. A progressive controlled, single stage of nitrous via a .093 jet helped push the BMW over the four-digit torque mark. In the eighth-mile, the little diesel bimmer has trapped 106 mph at a race weight that checks in higher than 3,800 pounds.






With the Super Bowl now behind us, all attention has turned toward the National Farm Machinery Show and the prestigious Championship truck and tractor pulls that take place there. Nathan Vegh and the rest of the Jumping Jack Flash crew are ready to point their P-pumped 7.3L toward the dirt pile. With the winter mods done and the cut tires wrapped, the team’s Louisville prep appears complete. The 7,500-pound Super Stock 4×4 diesel trucks take to the track on Saturday, February 15 at high noon, within the friendly confines of the Kentucky Exposition Center’s Freedom Hall. With Vegh’s P-pumped 7.3L spending most of its timing competing in Pro Stock, it will be interesting to see how things shake down against the 3,000-plus hp Super Stock class competition.





OEM News


VW Shows Interest in Acquiring Navistar

Attempting to grab a portion of the U.S. heavy truck market, Volkswagen recently offered to buy Navistar International Corp. for $2.9 billion. Unknown to many, the German automaker already owns roughly a 17-percent stake in Navistar (which was purchased in September, 2016), and hopes a complete acquisition will allow VW to compete strongly with North American big namers such as Daimler and Volvo. The timeliness of the proposed acquisition is perhaps the oddest part, as Navistar, Meritor and even Cummins have all announced plans late last year to cut jobs in light of what is believed to be a coming downturn in the heavy-duty truck market.





BorgWarner to Buy Delphi Technologies

With the ink now dry on a huge contract, BorgWarner will acquire Delphi Technologies via an all-stock transaction that values Delphi Technologies at just under $3.3 billion. Combining both companies will strengthen BorgWarner’s power electronics products, its scale and capability, affording it the ability to become a leader in electrified propulsion systems in the future. The deal is also believed to have been made to enhance BorgWarner’s combustion, commercial vehicle, and aftermarket business as well. In fiscal year 2019, it’s estimated that the two companies generated $10.17 billion and $4.36 billion worth in net sales.





Race Classifieds

Looking for a set of cheap wheels and tires to help get you down the track in 2020? Irate Diesel’s Matt Maier has a set of four 30×14.0-16 M&H cheater slicks mounted on Pro Comp 16×10-inch aluminum wheels for just $1,000. Having owned them for just nine months and with less than 10 passes and zero burnouts on them, they’re practically brand-new. The best part about this wheel and tire package is that the Pro Comps utilized an 8 on 6.5 bolt pattern, which means you can run them on a Ford, Chevy or Dodge.



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