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Rust To Riches

Restoring an old truck can be a great adventure for those who love to work hands-on. Although, one must be prepared for what’ll be on the plate while carrying out such a project. Along the way, your persistence, patience, and determination will be tested beyond limits. The road will be bumpy with occasional setbacks, but in the end, the result is always worth the journey. If you ask any diesel truck enthusiast, they’ll tell you that they love a good restoration story since it gives old vehicles a second chance at life. Below are ten awesome restoration stories that could motivate you to start working or keep working on an old truck.

Diamond Duster: One Slick Vintage GMC

Classic Lines, Cummins Power

Diesel-Powered 1929 Ford Model A Pickup

The Truck Called Django: Weaver’s Shop Truck Turned Killer Showpiece

Retro Ford Gasser Goes Diesel

Cummins-Powered 1948 Ford: Family-Built F-3

Vintage Armor: Retro Style Meets Modern Convenience


Homebrewed Hauler: A 650 HP Classic Chevy from Scratch

A Diesel-Powered Power Wagon