Predator GXR series turbo

How does the Predator GXR series turbo stack up to the competition?

How does the Predator GXR series turbo stack up to the competition?

Engineering went back to the drawing board to make an already amazing turbo design even better! Introducing our all new redesigned Powermax Predator GXR-7 turbo. Built on brand new Garrett turbo platforms for quality and authenticity. The Predator turbo is designed to efficiently produce higher airflow capacity like a much larger turbo aiding in cooler air induction while maintaining consistent boost and quick spool response. This carefully designed turbo supports daily driving, towing, sport/off-road, racing, and even compound setups. Help your truck burn fuel more efficiently while lowering EGTs and supporting higher horsepower and torque. The Velocity compressor increases the aggressive sound notes and supports smoother airflow while reducing turbo bark. Hands down the best drop in Powermax turbo out there, leaving the competition in the dust! Dyno tested, capable of sustaining 700+ HP and up to 60psi on certain applications.

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