Subtle graphics allow the detail work on the ShowTime Metal Works bumpers and suspension to be the focal point of the truck.

A Pair Of Gorgeous Trucks

These two trucks are icons of the diesel community with their excellent modifications and immense power-plants under the hoods. The Naivar brothers of ShowTime Metal Works produced two diesel rigs that look quite similar but are quite different. Up first is their dually truck that they modified and it looks excellent. With a respective lift, rugged wheels, and 500+ horsepower, this dually serves as an excellent work truck as well as a race truck. That’s what’s wonderful about diesel trucks, they’re so versatile that they can be used for just about anything you desire. Up second is their ’07 Silverado that also features a significant lift, gigantic tires, and mind-boggling suspension system. These two trucks would likely perform very well in a drag race and they’d certainly attract a lot of attention if they attended a truck meet. If you own a business that modifies trucks or owns multiple trucks, take pictures of them and post them on Instagram or Facebook, tag Diesel World, and you could get featured!

Double Down Dually: Show & Go from Showtime Metal Works

Just Right: Showtime Metal Work’s ’07 Silverado

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