Over at the APEX Turbo booth, its mild-to-wild turbocharger line was reeling in all kinds of forced induction fans. The company’s groundbreaking hubless compressor and turbine wheels provide increased surface area by doing away with a conventional through-shaft and nut design. Instead, the turbine shaft is threaded into the wheel, which comes to a point, and which allows for a 15-percent bigger bite of air. APEX also told us that, thanks to not having to machine a hole for the shaft to protrude through, its hubless wheels are significantly stronger than traditional designs.

Turbos Are Integral To Diesel Engines

Because diesel burns at such a high heat, additional airflow is often needed to compensate for the increased heat levels. One way to supply the engine with the increased airflow is by using a turbocharger. By taking advantage of the needed airflow, you can increase the power even further. Turbochargers typically make a distinct whistling noise when spooling and trucks typically have one but can have two, three, and more if needed. Keeping your turbo in proper shape is crucial because a turbo that malfunctions could cause an internal problem in the engine. Below are some simple modifications and maintenance tips for turbos when working with Duramax diesel engines.

Injector Replacement: Correcting Duramax Turbo Fuel Delivery Issues

HSP Diesel Duramax S300 Turbo System

Building a Rocket Ship: How to Modify the LML Duramax

Turbocharged Upgrade: HSP Diesel Duramax S300 Turbo System

Make 600+HP Under the Radar: Duramax Tuner’s 2001-2004 LB7 Stealth 64 Turbocharger

DURAMAX FILTRATION FIX: Cleaner Air And Fuel For Engine Longevity, Efficiency And Lowered Maintenance Costs

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