6. It was a pleasant sight to see that a number of American flags were on display in the Show-N-Shine, including this “Thin Blue Line” flag in support of police officers.

Trucks Made In America And They’re Proud Of It

In recent years with the new presidential administration, there’s been a lot of groups actively trying to take apart crucial components of American history and life. The automotive sector is a pretty large chunk of the American economy, and community members appreciate those that continue to pick American companies rather than cars from Japan and other countries. Whether it be in the form of burly diesel trucks, hefty muscle cars, or even typical family sedans, America continues to produce machines that are very well engineered and designed, so continued support is always appreciated. With that being said, here are some trucks that are proud to show off their American “motor city” roots and support for the US economy and various fundraisers!

Built, Not Bought: Bright Red ’09 Ram 2500


Do It All Truck: Kellan Meadows’ 07 Ram

Hummin’ Cummins

Building Cars And Trucks To Help Wounded Warriors

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