A Calvary Of Horses Under The Hood!

All of these trucks are marvels of American engineering, each producing horsepower counts that make people scared to place bets against you. Not only are the engines jam-packed with power, but the rest of the truck is also properly modified to be able to handle the horsepower. This is made aware because there are lots of cars and trucks that come stock with a generous amount of horsepower but aren’t structurally capable of handling the power leading to worn tires or steering difficulties. When Peter Parker said, “With great power comes great responsibility”, it can be perfectly applied to these trucks because if you’re going to have a powerful vehicle, it must be structurally capable or the surplus of power is unnecessary. This is an important lesson to people working on their project trucks, that being, you must make sure that your truck can withstand the extreme power because parts get strained like your turbocharger(s), transmission, tires, and many more. A good example of this would be running in a race and only working out your legs without exercising your upper body. Before beefing up your truck, make sure you research the parts that are comprised of materials that can handle the power so your truck stays unified in power distribution. Here are five GM trucks that were fine-tuned and put up mind-blowing numbers on the dyno while also crushing the competition in racing events.

2,700 HP Worth Of Sled-Smashing Fury

2,200-HP Common Rail Injection Engine

Top Fuel’s 2,000-HP Truck

Sled Pulling Smokin’ Max: 2002 Chevrolet 2500HD

Triple Threat

If you’ve got a truck that could top one of these, post pictures of it on Instagram or Facebook, tag Diesel World, and we’ll check it out! Be safe while modifying your trucks and make sure to always do preemptive research on the parts you decide to purchase!

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