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Maverick Super Stock Truck Sails To A Win

The only thing better than a free truck and tractor pull is watching a 3,000-plus horsepower Super Stock rig yank the sled out the back door. Over the weekend, D&J Precision Machine’s Bob Millican did just that aboard the Maverick second-gen Dodge while running in the 8,000-pound Run What You Brung class. The event was the Kilgore Nationals, put on by the local Loudon Township Volunteer Fire Department, and Millican nearly took the sled into the next county. With more and more seat time in the D&J, Stainless Diesel, and Firepunk-backed truck, look for the Maverick to be a top contender in diesel’s most exciting pulling class.



Events, Events, Events…

Hardway Sunshine Showdown

With the recent cancellation of Rudy’s Fall Truck Jam, the Hardway Sunshine Showdown in Holt, Florida will be the last dance of the year for ODSS drag racers. Turnout and competition should be fierce, especially with the points race in both Pro Street and ET Bracket being so tight. The action kicks off on Friday night at Emerald Coast Dragway, with eliminations going down on Saturday. After watching the Scheid and Wagler rails run side-by-side low 4’s at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, the stage is set (and anticipation is high) for these two to put on an exciting rematch. Will it be the first heads-up diesel race in the 3’s?




Stateline Showdown

As we head into the home-stretch in 2020, there is no shortage of big upcoming events this fall. On September 26, the 102 Valley Stateline Showdown will take place at the Taylor County Fairgrounds in Bedford, Iowa. The event will boast two tracks and two sleds operating all night, and 14 classes being run. Among the truck classes, the 2.6 smooth bore Pro Street diesels and the 3.0 smoothbore Limited Pro Stock diesels will go on the hook, along with an Unlimited Open category on top of various tractor categories.




Wagler 2020 Fall Nationals

October 3rd there will be a lot of noise being made at Wagler Motorsports Park. The Wagler Competition Products 2020 Fall Nationals will play host to the Indiana Truck Pullers Association’s Limited Pro Stock 3.0 truck class, as well as the ITPA Super Farm tractors, Pro Stock gas trucks and Super Stock gas trucks. Two Farm Stock classes and an 11,500-pound Pro Farm class with no turbo limits will also be run. With a $10,000 payout, the turnout for this one should be big.




1 Truck, 2 Engines

You may have seen some pulling teams campaign two trucks…the Jumping Jack Flash crew will use two different engines in one truck in 2021. Along the regular Pro Stock circuit, their late-model Super Duty will be powered by a Hypermax-built 6.7L Power Stroke equipped with a 3.6-inch smooth bore turbo. However, over the winter the guys at JJF plan to pull Super Stock with a mechanical 7.3L Power Stroke under the hood. The engine that will be used for that endeavor will be based off of that same one that ran Pro Stock this season. The 7.3L is currently on its way to Hypermax for an overhaul, a bigger P-pump, a higher-pressure water-injection system, and compound turbos. If you’re a Ford fan, you owe it to yourself to see the Jumping Jack Flash truck in action, no matter which power plant is parked under the hood.




New 6.7L Cummins Block Option

For ultimate strength at high horsepower, the folks at Chaos Fabrication took it upon themselves to cast a solid 6.7L Cummins block. At nearly double what the factory block weighs, it’s not intended to be a weight-saving option, but rather was designed to never fail—even under extreme cylinder pressure. If all goes well in dyno testing, expect to see a couple of them in operation within the Super Stock pulling class. Chaos Fabrication’s blocks will be cast right here in the USA and shot-peened for stress relief prior to machining.



Parts Rack

Banks Derringer for ’11-’19 6.7L Power Strokes

Meet the only OBDII-connected, 50-state legal Ford tuner in the diesel aftermarket: the Derringer from Banks. The plug-and-play device uses a CAN transceiver chip to facilitate communication between the Derringer and the ECM, and as such is the only tuner that utilizes your Super Duty’s computer to make its intelligent performance calculations. Six power levels are available on the fly, with gains of up to 72 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque on ’11-’14 models, +61 hp and 120 lb-ft on ’15-’16 trucks, and +59 hp and 106 lb-ft on ’17-’19 versions.



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