The Old Body Style Ford just has that look about it that any truck lover can appreciate, even now after two decades of it being out of production. The right wheel and tire combo, perfect stance and careful maintenance still sets the mid-’90s Fords apart as some of the best looking trucks on the road.

Squarebodies Getting Well-Deserved Respect

The ’90s was a very weird time for American culture. The cars from the ’90s went through a weird design phase, which eventually led to the streamlined aesthetic delivered from the 2000s. While the cars may have looked bizarre, the trucks looked great because they preserved their boxy frame while getting the newer streamlined aesthetic upgrades peppered in. These trucks are commonly referred to as “square-bodies” because of there frame shape. These 90’s trucks are truly a landmark for American automotive engineering before the heavy switch post-Y2K. Here are five trucks from the ’90s that perform exceptionally across all disciplines including performance, style, comfort, and efficiency.


Built Right: ’99 Dodge 2500

Keep Pushin’: A 22 Year-Old, 700 HP Cummins

A Decade Worth Of Upgrades On A 1996 Dodge


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