Javier Gomez’s 2015 GMC Sierra Denali with a CST 8-10-inch lift kit, KMC XD-series wheels, and Nitta Terra Grappler tires.

Sit Back & Enjoy Your Flight!

Diesel trucks are known for their eye-catching lifts ranging from three inches to a mind-blowing ten or more inches. These trucks are likely to catch eyes whether at the worksite, streets, or truck shows. And while most diesel trucks are lifted, the parts used for the lift and suspension kits are typically a make-or-break because if the parts are in good shape, the lift looks significantly better done than having a suspension kit that’s all rusted and falling apart. These lifts took patience with research as well as creativity, so these owners deserve recognition for their excellent-looking rigs. Another thing to consider when lifting a truck is what tires to choose because a larger lift isn’t always needed as the tires can provide a natural lift for a truck. A lifted truck looks a thousand times better when the tires are giant because it further emphasizes the rugged look. Owning an extremely lifted truck also requires exercise so your joints can handle the landing back on earth every time you get out of your rig. Check out these awesome GM lifted trucks and if you think your truck deserves a spot on this list, post a picture of your rig on Instagram or Facebook, tag Diesel World, and we’ll check it out!

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