Kicking Ass With Some Class!

These diesel Chevy trucks have quite a few years under their belt, however, they’re still performing as if they’re right off the lot. Giving a truck a second chance and allowing it to reach its full potential is exactly what makes a truck lover happy. While driving through the country, there’s often a lot of old trucks sitting in empty lots with grass growing through the undercarriage, which is depressing. Just like how old dogs can learn new tricks, these trucks when given some care and attention, can widen eyes and inspire fellow truck community members. Check out these bad-ass trucks and use them as inspiration to get your build moving or completed.

Jacob Bonser’s Driveway Diesel Beast: A 1969 Chevy K20 Cummins Build


Home-Brewed Monster: Custom ’52 Chevy Crew Cab


D-Max Powered Classic Street/Strip Chevy

When you’re young, it’s always known that you should respect your elders, and this is exactly why. Never judge a book by a cover, because it might just surprise you!

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