In the midst of winning a second straight Pro Street title in the Outlaw Diesel Super Series, Johnny Gilbert and the rest of the Stainless Diesel crew had a lot of fun pushing the limits of their Pro Street second-gen in 2020. At the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout back in July, Gilbert set a new trap speed record for the class: 155.7 mph. Then at the very next event, the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, he broke both the newly-established Pro Street E.T. record and his own trap speed record in going 4.82 at 156.7 mph. Following the Scheid event, 4.80s became so frequent for Gilbert that Hot Shot’s Secret’s Kyle Fischer asked if Stainless was campaigning a 4.80 bracket truck.

Watching a diesel truck fly down the drag strip is certainly a fun pastime. Various companies operate their own drag racing divisions, as a way of testing their equipment and marketing their products. Stainless Diesel is an excellent example, with their incredible Cummins-powered rig. Below is a video of their truck flying down the strip, breaking PRs left and right!

If you think your truck can stand the challenge of drag racing, check out this article to get your build started! If you’re looking to attend some diesel events, check out the schedule on our homepage. If you cannot make some of the events, check out our YouTube page for coverage. DW

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