Robbie Bryant is the owner of Keg Media, a group that specializes in assisting clients that do business in the automotive aftermarket. They do this by helping them to promote their company brand. This can be done in many ways, but one of the most impressive is to build a concept truck or car that highlights the unique talents of your business, and then show it to the public. Heck, the big car and truck companies have been doing this for more than 75 years. 

Recluse might have started life as a stock Chevy 3500HD, but it’s far from that now.

Under the rear of the truck, a set of 5-inch lift leaf springs from Atlas complements the McGaughys front suspension. As with the front, Icon Vehicle Dynamic shocks are used. A set of Firestone air bags helps keep the truck level, even with a full load. To feed the air bags and HornBlasters air horns, a Viair compressor system was also installed. The final upgrade under the bumper is the Mag-Hytec differential cover. Regarding the bumper, it’s from ShowTime Metal Works. It works with the rear receiver hitch and sports two pairs of OLB LED lights on each corner.

Now, building a rig from ideas scribbled on a napkin has never worked. Since the beginning, these ideas went from a rough drawing to concept art first. Artists took pen in hand to make drawings before any tools are taken to metal. Today, these drawings are done on computers. Both methods result in what’s commonly known as a rendering. Keg Media offers this service to the automotive aftermarket and enthusiasts, so they can see what their ideas will look like before things get too involved.

Bryant is an automotive enthusiast himself, and as such, had the desire to see his concepts become a reality. The build would be fun, the end result cool to drive, and it would also help show that a concept drawing can come to life in a big way. In the process, a project name was decided on, much the same with the first concept car in 1938. Robbie decided this project would be named “Recluse.”

Here you can see the rear half of the McGaughys front suspension. The rear half of the torsion bar mounting is lowered to match the front and the front drop-down brackets are braced at the rear with a custom bracket. Look closely and you’ll see the AMP Research steps tucked up under the doorsill.
The McGaughys suspension kit is virtually a bolt-on system, No cutting or grinding of the front or rear differential is required, and only a few new holes are drilled. Here you see part of the front suspension. Notice the A-arm lowering bolts, new bump stop extensions, new steering knuckles (spindles) and Icon shocks. All are powder coated to match the body color.
Recluse rides on 37×13.50×22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires. The wheels are Hostage 2s from Fuel Off-Road. The front wheels are special custom-built two-piece units that match the rear dually style, without the deep-dish dually offset. This provides a wider stance and unique look but required custom 3 ½-inch wider front fenders.
The interior is mostly stock, with the stock seats being recovered with Amaretto-colored Napa grain leather covers from Alea Leather. The sound system was also upgraded with Kicker speakers tied into the factory touchscreen head unit.

Now this moniker is not in regards to the truck leading a solitary life, far from it. The brown paint scheme is indicative of a stealthy rig that’s not conspicuous, but is a standout on the performance front. This truck is more like the brown recluse spider; it’s something to be reckoned with but can hide in plain sight. Recluse is one of Robbie’s many concept drawings come to life, and is used daily, as well as seen at shows.

Recluse might have started life as a stock Chevy 3500HD, but it’s far from that now. The lift is a combination of products that result in a package that’s unique and functional. The front lift is a McGaughys suspension kit that helps to raises Recluse 8 inches over stock up front. This bolt-on kit comes with new steering knuckles (spindles) and a suite of other parts. At the rear, a set of 5-inch lift leaf springs from Atlas complements the front suspension. Firestone air bags help handle the heaviest loads and keep the truck level. Icon shocks were used at all four corners. The lift allows Recluse to run 37×13.50×22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires.

The Toyo tires are mounted on Hostage 2 wheels from Fuel Off-Road. While the rears are standard dually wheels, the fronts are a set of custom-built (by Fuel) two-piece wheels. These match the rear wheels, but don’t have the deep inset of a typical dually wheel. The result is a cool look, but it did require wider front fenders.

Lawson’s Paint & Body did the bodywork required by the wider front fenders. They look stock, with the wheels in place, but are actually 3 1/2 inches wider than stock fenders. While Lawson’s did the bodywork, the color change was done with a wrap, rather than paint. This was accomplished by EuroWraps, using a matte chocolate material from Arlon Automotive.

Sliding out the BEDSLIDE bed rack helps with loading and unloading gear. Look closely and also see the headache rack from Backbone Truck Racks.
Recluse features LED taillights, cab lights, fender lights and a third brake light from Recon.
Bryant had a plan to have a matching theme throughout the build. Up front, a ShowTime Metal Works bumper was built to integrate with twin 40-inch OLB LED light bars. A custom front grille was built by Gravel Empire and the RackWorks roof rack has a pair of 50-inch OLB LED bars. Custom headlights by plainANsimple were also installed.
The dash is virtually stock, with an Edge Evolution CTS the only gauge upgrade. This one unit packs a lot of info in a single package.
The stock 6.6L Duramas turbo-diesel V-8 puts out 397 hp @ 3,000 rpm and 765 lb-ft of torque @ 1,600 rpm. ­

The subtle yet aggressive look was enhanced with custom front and rear bumpers from ShowTime Metal Works. A roof rack from RackWorks and a headache rack from Backbone Truck Racks add to this truck’s utility and rugged looks. Of course, the custom grille from Gravel Empire and a suite of LED lights from Off-Road LED Bars go a long way to making Recluse unique and functional too.

Under Recluse, besides the suspension components, you’ll find a Viair compressor and tank system that feeds the Firestone air bags and a trio of HornBlasters air horns. The air system can also be used for inflating tires and more. Also, a Mag-Hytec differential cover helps keep the rear gears cool, even when towing the heaviest of loads. Of course, AMP Research steps were installed to make entry and exit of this tall truck simpler.

On the inside, the seats have been reupholstered with Alea Leather. Amaretto light brown Napa grain leather works perfectly with the brown exterior. The stock nav display and radio are retained, but a set of Kicker speakers was added to improve the sound quality. For gauges, an Edge Evolution CTS was the only addition. The CTS programmer offers multiple screens and is a simple to install upgrade. Recluse is stock under the hood. The 6.6L Duramax may get future upgrades, but for now, it’s still under warranty.

Under Recluse, besides the suspension components, you’ll find a Viair compressor and tank system that feeds the Firestone air bags and a trio of HornBlasters air horns.

The team at Five R Trucks shepherded along the entire project. They brought together all of the key components and made Bryant’s Recluse a reality. Bryant now gets to take his idea out on the road, and show off this one-of-a-kind rig at truck shows and events. Our hats are off to him and the entire team that made Recluse a possibility. The patience of Bryant’s wife Keena and their five sons has paid off. They can now enjoy some family time driving and showing off Recluse. It’s one cool truck and nothing to be hidden away. DW


Alea Leather

All Wired Grilles/Gravel Empire

Arlon Automotive

Backbone Truck Racks



Five R Trucks

Fuel Off-Road

Hornblasters Air Horns

Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Keg Media

Lawson’s Paint & Body

McGaughys Suspension

Offroad LED Bars (OLB)

Prismatic Powders Powder Coat


Recon Lighting

ShowTime Metal Works

VV Concepts

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