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Engine of the Week


Jesse Warren

The guys at Warren Diesel kicked off Monday the right way—by taking a mega-horsepower 6.0L Power Stroke on a trip to the familiar engine dyno at Khaos Fabrications. Is it the billet-block 6.0L we’ve been hearing about? Is it a new set of monster-size hybrid injectors being tested? Or is this Warren’s latest attempt to push the 6.0L platform into top-tier Cummins territory? After all, owner Jesse Warren did tell us he’s interested in changing gears in the company’s Super Stock sled puller known as Shark Bait, throwing it on the dyno at U.C.C. and going after Derek Rose’s wild horsepower numbers, so anything is possible… For now, as far as this picture is concerned, one thing is for sure: there is about to be a lot of noise made in this room!

Source: https://www.warrendiesel.com/



OEM News


Thousands Of Brand-New Super Duty’s Sit, Undeliverable

One reason why the used truck market is sky-rocketing right now is the fact that you can’t your hands on a new one. In particular, Ford is in a very tough spot. Thousands of brand-new Super Duty’s are being stored at vacant Kentucky Speedway, 50 miles from the Louisville Truck Plant. The reason? The semiconductor computer chips required to finish the trucks are in short supply. Worse yet, one report indicates that the chip shortage may not be resolved until 2022. Rumor has it that Ford is also storing its trucks across the Ohio river in Charlestown, Indiana.

Source: https://www.whas11.com/article/money/business/ford-trucks-kentucky-speedway-chip-semiconductor-shortage/417-dc95ec09-2dd0-4ddb-a965-f9cd7058c13b?fbclid=IwAR2S5LDg2cip7nn77yQ5m6Ba89TLW04uf11Z1NUzXp53-ne5BXT4EnAzR5E



Wagler Rail Suffers A Setback

In the words of industry leader, Jeremy Wagler: “It was a tough day watching our dragster go into pieces.” After putting a successful day of testing in at Wagler Motorsports Park the first weekend of May (where rumor has it they were darn close to 3’s), violent tire shake took out the blown Duramax rail’s driveshaft, which also took the brake line out with it. With no brakes or parachute to help slow him down, driver Andre Dusek had no other choice than to take a ride into the net at the end of the track. Luckily he was unhurt in the process, but the same couldn’t exactly be said for the dragster. The chassis is currently stripped and sitting at HammerTech Racecars to see if it can be repaired. We’re not alone in our hope to see it back up and running sooner rather than later.

Source: https://waglercompetition.com/





Grudge Racing In Indy

A healthy list of grudge matches is coming together for the ODSS Outlaw Diesel Revenge event—which is part of UCC 2021. Sponsored by S&S Diesel Motorsport, the heads-up match-ups will commence on Friday evening, May 21 at Lucas Oil Raceway. So far, the list reads like this: Rick Fletes (in the ’70 Duramax Chevelle) vs. Nathan Wheeler, a couple 5.90 Duramax’s in Dan Zelten vs. Justin Duffy, Rodrigo Penaloza MacMaster vs. Dustin Sterling, Art Maupin vs. Greg Alberalla, and though not locked in as of press time, Cody Fisher’s sleeper 5.90 Dodge will face-off against Austin Denny’s nasty 1,500-plus hp Ford. Be there!

Source: https://www.outlawdieselss.com/





Just About Ready

Austin Doidge has stepped up his game this year, and his common-rail second-gen Dodge is almost ready to hit the track, or street. No stranger to no-prep, Austin’s truck is a force to be reckoned with, often packing 28×10.5’s all the way around. He recently bolted a fresh D&J Enforcer engine into place and wired everything up. Next he’ll focus on wrapping up the transmission and drive train work, and then hopefully put the off-season adjustments on his Menscer Motorsports shocks to work. Look for Austin to shake things up within the ranks of his local small tire races as well as join the ODSS circuit for a few events in 2021.

Source: https://www.menscermotorsports.com/




Mountain Machine Knocks It Out Of The Park

Work of art much? Check out the clear front cover the folks at Mountain Machine came up with for this 4BT Cummins build! The one-off, see-through front cover is destined for Hauk Designs’ 4BT Jeep Wrangler project and will highlight project sponsor Amsoil’s engine oil, as well as some of the internals supplied by Industrial Injection. If you’re headed to the Ultimate Callout Challenge in a couple of weeks, you can check it out in person at the Diesel Performance Industry Expo.

Source: https://mountainmachine.net/



Summer Pulling Season Is Coming

Even during spring rainout season, Missourians are hooking to the sled. Over the weekend, Colbi Seth’s “Sketchy Hooker” Duramax lugged the iron sleigh through the dirt, and Jason Wayman also made a pass in the infamous Megatron common-rail Dodge. Both hard-charging trucks compete in the Limited Pro Stock class and could be front-runners this year. Look for them on the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League’s Western Series Points schedule, as well as select other regional hooks closer to home. There are 15 PPL pulls on the docket alone.

Source: https://propulling.com/