Randy Reyes’ Awe-Inspiring 2,100 Horsepower ‘06 Ram

There’s nothing subtle about diesel dually pickups. They’re big, wide, and often carry the heaviest tow ratings. When it comes to building one, most people envision some towing modifications, and maybe a tune. But not Randy Reyes. With a full roll cage, four Simpson racing seats, and a glove box full of nine-second timeslips, Randy’s ‘06 Ram 3500 is far from your average six-wheeler.

To handle the three-digit boost pressures, Randy runs a Mishimoto intercooler and Snow Performance water-methanol injection kit. Since all that power creates engine heat, Randy also fitted a Mishimoto radiator to the Dodge pickup.
The basis for Randy’s build is a Shredder Series long block from Industrial Injection. The Salt Lake City-based shop filled the powerplant with the best available parts, including Carrillo connecting rods, Mahle steel Monotherm pistons, and a Stage 4 head secured with ARP 625 head studs.

2,121 Rear Wheel Horsepower

Randy didn’t want to change the exterior of his truck, which meant he needed a big hammer of an engine to move the 7,700-lb truck with authority. To turn up power to ludicrous levels, Randy contacted Industrial Injection for one of its Shredder Series engines. Industrial started with a 6.7L Cummins that was sleeved down to 5.9L proportions for increased block strength. From there, Carrillo rods were added, as were Mahle Monotherm pistons that could withstand insane EGT levels. A Stage 4 cylinder head and custom cam were also installed in the engine, as was a full compliment of ARP hardware. If one is good and two is better, why not have a crowd of three? Randy has a triple grouping of virtually everything on his truck; as three turbos, three CP3 pumps, and three stages of nitrous have made their way onto the engine. Boost comes courtesy of twin 88mm turbos feeding a 94mm, the pumps are XP race units from Industrial Injection, and nitrous consists of a 0.041-inch spool jet, followed by 0.088 and 0.136 jets as the major power-adding stages. All of this awesomeness adds up to more than 2,100hp on a chassis dyno. For those naysayers Randy also has had his engine dynoed on an engine dyno, where it made 2,200hp without the aid of nitrous oxide.


Not just any turbo setup can create more than 100 psi–but Randy’s does. The high-pressure turbo, a 94mm S500-series turbo, is hung off of a Steed Speed manifold and is fed by two 88mm S400 turbos from Borgwarner. Boost is an incredible 130 psi on engine alone and 150 psi with the nitrous activated.
Randy’s Dodge is faster than a dually should be. On Toyo Proxes and Fuel Maverick wheels the truck has been 9.62 at 149 mph, and some recently fitted M&H Racemaster slicks dropped the quarter-mile time even more, to a 9.42 at 151 mph. Time for a parachute Randy!
Underneath the Ram is a bit of magic, as Randy built the transmission that handles nearly 3,000 lb-ft himself. He credits Suncoast Diesel for hard parts and help. In case you were wondering, the Moroso breathers under the truck are crankcase catch cans, that help relieve any blow-by due to the engine’s mammoth boost levels.




Randy’s Transmission

Randy needed a drivetrain to match the crazy powerplant, and the transmission and driveline has also received major work. The 48RE-based transmission features a full-manual valvebody built by Randy himself at his shop Randy’s Transmissions, along with a 27-spline input shaft from Sun Coast Diesel, and 300 Maraging steel intermediate and 29-spline output shafts from TCS. The converter is a custom piece from Sun Coast Diesel. Since Randy still takes his truck off road, the axles needed some work too. The rear-end has been fitted with 4.56 gears from Yukon Axle, along with a full spool and 38-spline axles. Custom driveshafts from GRS Driveline and traction bars from Rollover Motorsports were also installed for both the dragstrip and on the trails.

Any questions about a lack of power is quickly erased when Randy pops his dually’s hood. The 5.9L common-rail Cummins cranks out an insane 2,121hp at full bore, thanks to triple CP3 pumps, triple turbos, and three stages of nitrous



You might think Randy’s truck is race-only after the Gilley Fab roll-cage, but four Simpson racing buckets prove otherwise. Where’s the fun if you can’t have your friends along in your 2,100-hp truck?
A ton of fuel is needed to break the 2K mark, and again here Randy went to Industrial Injection for a set of its XP pumps and King Cobra injectors. The triple pumps are driven with oversize pulleys from Bean’s Diesel Performance.




Never Done

While Randy knows that owning a nine-second dually is bordering on mental, he claims he’s not done yet. “I haven’t put my full power down to the track yet, and I think there’s an 8.90 in the truck when I do,” smiles Randy. Whatever his endgame, there’s one thing that’s for sure, just like the rare Bonneville salt flats where these pictures were taken, there’s nothing on the planet like Randy’s ‘06 Dodge. DW

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