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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) freezes below 12 deg. F (-11 C). DEF Heaters are needed to thaw DEF so that it can be pumped into the exhaust.  Original equipment (OE) DEF Heaters commonly fail when the plastic protecting the heating elements eventually cracks; allowing DEF to leak in and cause an electrical short. RockAuto.com now carries more new DEF Heaters for Ford (6.7L) and GM (6.6L) diesels that meet or improve upon OE specifications, while costing less. Find new DEF Heaters (and DEF) under the “Exhaust & Emission” category at RockAuto.com.

Rock Auto


BD Diesel Screamer HE351 6.7l Cummins Turbo Dodge 2007.5-2012 Pick-Up

A drop-in stock installation, stock looking replacement that is anything but stock! The larger Ballistic Billet compressor wheel and BD’s exclusive Low MOI QST turbine wheel results in reduced backpressure, quicker response, increased efficiency and increased turbine flow compared to the competition. This results in increased maximum potential power output, right up to 690 horsepower with performance modifications. No extra parts to install, just drop-in and enjoy the extra power potential.

BD Diesel


Bullet Proof Diesel Cummins 6.7L ISB EGR Coolers

The Cummins 6.7L ISB EGR Cooler from Bullet Proof Diesel features the latest, patented H-Core technology. The H-Core design makes the internal structure more forgiving, and thus allows the EGR Cooler to survive through heating/cooling cycles as well as thermal events long after most EGR coolers fail.

Bullet Proof Diesel


Automotive Touchup OEM Match Paint

Don’t let chips, nicks and scratches ruin your rig’s paint. Fix them yourself and save time and money with exact OEM color match touchup paint from AutomotiveTouchup.com! Unlike generic paint from the parts store, our precision engineered paints are OEM quality, long lasting and custom mixed to your perfect match factory color. Get professional looking results in easy to use paint pens, brush-in-bottle or aerosol cans. Visit automotivetouchup.com, enter the year, make and model of your rig, then select your color.

Automotive Touchup


PPE 10L80 Transmission Deep Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Pan

PPE’s Heavy-Duty DEEP 10L80 Transmission Pan holds an extra 4 quarts of fluid and is cast from high-quality aluminum alloy for strength and optimal heat dissipation. Cast gussets provide strength and overall robustness. Internal heat sinks wick heat and act as baffles to reduce fluid sloshing. External fins add surface area and use free-flowing air to radiate heat. The PPE Heavy-Duty DEEP Aluminum Transmission Pan also features a high-power Neodymium magnet-equipped billet stainless steel drain plug to catch and hold harmful ferrous metal contaminants keeping them out of the transmission internals.

Pacific Performance Engineering



Superchips Flashpaq Tuning 2017-2019 L5P Duramax

Pre-Calibrated Flashpaq tuning now available for 2017-2019 L5P Duramax. Dyno proven 150hp gains, track proven to cut 1.2-seconds off your 0-60mph times and an all-new Keep Drive feature remembers your last exhaust braking, tow/haul, and grade braking settings so it’ll pickup right where you left off every time you start your truck. Of course, like all Flashpaq’s you can calibrate for tire size changes, adjust TPMS, and read/clear codes. ECM Send-in required to unlock for tuning. Unlock and Free Next Day Air return shipping included with purchase of device.




ARP 6.7 Power Stroke 625 Head Studs

Diesel performance enthusiasts can now take the popular 6.7L Ford Powerstroke engines to new boost levels thanks to ARP introducing head studs made from Custom Age 625+ material—which is nominally rated at 260,000 psi tensile strength.

Automotive Racing Products



Bullet Proof Diesel EZ Latch Lever Replacement

Do you hate plastic parts as much as we do?  The Bullet Proof Diesel Aluminum EZ Latch replaces the composite plastic Demco EZ-Latch found on many trailers. By replacing the original composite plastic part that breaks, will allow for a more durable and heavy-duty part that will not leave you stranded because of a cheap plastic lever.

Bullet Proof Diesel



Derringer for RAM 1500 3.0L and Jeep 3.0L Ecodiesel

The NEW Derringer inline tuner safely adds +57 hp/+73 lb-ft. Shave a full second off your 0-60 time and get over 4 truck lengths ahead of stock in the 1/4 mile. This makes getting onto the highway and merging effortless. Patented safety features protect your engine and transmission. Warranty friendly. After removal, it’s like it was never there. CARB compliance means it’s legal to use in all 50-states. Bundled with the iDash, allowing displays all the temps, pressures, speeds and fluid levels your dashboard doesn’t. Monitor the Derringer and change levels on-the-fly using the iDash.

Banks Power



PPE Deep Transmission Pan – GM Allison 10L1000 – Heavy-Duty Cast A356.0-T6 Aluminum

Get the best protection and performance out of your 10L1000 by upgrading to the PPE Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Deep Transmission pan. The deep PPE Pan Increases fluid capacity by a full gallon which lowers transmission fluid temperature. The engineered design includes cast aluminum fins and heat sinks to improve heat dissipation. The external gussets provide extra support to the top flange and increase overall robustness. PPE includes a high-power Neodymium magnet-equipped billet 304 stainless steel drain plug with Viton O-ring seal and a 9/16’’ ORB Neodymium Magnetic Plug with Viton O-ring seals for the fluid level check port. These powerful magnets pull ferrous metals out of the fluid before they can do damage to the internals.

Pacific Performance Engineering


MOVE BOLT Series Front Bumper Kit

Just Bolt, Paint & Go! The MOVE Bumpers Bolt Series Bumper Kit is a one-of-a-kind aftermarket bumper solution that doesn’t require welding or fabrication. The Bolt comes in three modular sections and includes the frame mounts and hardware needed to attach it to your vehicle. MOVE’s experience producing do-it-yourself bumper kits allows each Bolt to be precision-cut specifically for each vehicle – no cutting or modification needed! With the option to add holes for light pods, an assembly for a light bar, and more, the Bolt Series Bumper Kit is ready to be customized to your choosing.

MOVE Bumpers



Whether you’re building a truck for the show or the street, the XDP X-TRA Deep Billet Aluminum oil and transmission pan is the answer for your rig. Don’t settle for an OEM pan that holds less fluid and isn’t visually appealing. XDP X-TRA Deep transmission and oil pans feature higher fluid capacity, are constructed with a fabricated sheet metal design, CNC-machined logo and billet or standard style bottoms. XDP includes a magnetic drain plug and stainless-steel hardware with each pan. Available for Ford Powerstroke and Dodge/Ram Cummins applications.




LiFePO4 Battery from PPE

The superior performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) has made these dynamic power sources the number one choice for applications including vehicle use, backup power, marine, solar, and recreational vehicles. Step up to superior performance with the PPE LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery. With its unmatched power, life-cycle, safety from thermal runaway, long-term stability, and non-toxicity, the choice is clear: The PPE LiFePO4 battery is made for those who require the very best for their power supply.

Pacific Performance Engineering


Bullet Proof Diesel 2017 – 2021 Ford Super Duty Dual Antenna Mount

Mounting an antenna has always been a choice between a temporary magnetic base mount, an unsightly mount that will bolt to a mirror or under the hood, or the most dreaded, drilling a large hole somewhere in your truck. The All-Aluminum BulletProof Antenna Mount allows an effective and simple way to attach an antenna to the cab of your truck – without drilling a hole! Bullet Proof Diesel has designed many different configurations and models for most domestic truck applications.

Bullet Proof Diesel



Goerend Transmissions Torque Converters

Our torque converters are built for power and performance. With dozens of custom stator options, we’re able to build every converter to match the specific needs of every truck. Built in-house, we only use the highest quality components in our converters, including proprietary clutches and patented internal design functions. Our converters are the industry’s best for heavy towing, performance racing and daily driving. We ensure this by putting our converters to the test on our in-house chassis and transmission dynamometers. Call or check us out online to find out how we can help put your power to the ground.

Goerend Transmissions



Lava Battery Heat Shield from Heatshield Products

The number one enemy of a battery is heat. Excessive heat-exposure or heat-soak can significantly decrease cranking power and shorten a battery’s lifespan. With car battery prices surging in recent years, getting the most life from the battery is more valuable than ever. Lava Battery Heat Shield utilizes Heatshield Products specially formulated Lava thermal-barrier material, which is naturally resistant to chemicals. It withstands up to 1,200 degrees F of constant heat and up to 2,000 degrees F intermittent heat.

Heatshield Products



The Power Badger

This device can greatly reduce the electrical operating costs of diesel engine heaters. The Power Badger senses outside temperature, and tailors a firing program to meet the user defined “ready time”, utilizing as little energy as possible. A “maintain ready” mode is also selectable.Engineered & tested to function in extreme cold, snowy, icy and wet conditions. Rugged, water resistant design, for years of service in harsh environments.



Ram-Air Differential Cover for 2019+ RAM 2500/3500, 2020+ GM 2500/3500

The patented design cools 5X better than flat-back high-capacity covers and does so with less oil. Cooler temps leads to longer lasting oil. This means increased distance between service intervals. Patented Ram-Air scoops channel air up through the long thin aluminum fins. An angled fill port with magnetic plug makes it easy to fill. A sight glass with contrast screen makes oil easy to view even when it’s clear. And, a magnetic drain plug makes servicing a breeze.

Banks Power


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