Never Judge A Book By A Cover!

Sleepers are some of the funniest trucks to attend races or various competitions. At the end of the day, there’s no need to be flashy when instead you arrive low-profile and then shock the competition and walk away like it was something casual. Sleepers typically don’t add too many exterior aesthetic upgrades but under the hood, reveals mind-blowing engines. Sleepers are a great example for the hard workers that make them, they’ll be self-reserved and not talk too much then when they make it to the top, people will be surprised and try to befriend them. Never tell the competition your goals because it psychologically rewards you the same way as if you accomplished the goal. These trucks are absolute beasts and make meets just that much more exciting!


4 Doors and 1,300 HP: Matt Sanjer’s ’06 Dodge

Milliken’s Madness: A Back-Country Sleeper Ram

A Surprisingly Stock 1,100-RWHP Dodge

The Outcast: Building a 700-hp VP44 Dodge with a Mechanical Mindset

A Fireman’s Home-Built Diesel Hot Rod

These trucks are very unsuspecting, but are total beasts when you look at their innards. If you’ve got a sleeper diesel rig, post some pictures of it on Instagram or Facebook and tag us, we’ll post it up if we think your truck has what it takes!