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Great White

A Fourth-Gen MegaCab Ram Cummins Packing a 48RE, an S475, and 1,000 HP No, it’s not just another Cali-lean Cummins on ‘Forces. Paul Szczypta’s ’12 Mega Cab run...

Gray Area

Breaking the Mold with a 3,600-lb, 1,800-hp 4x4 Ram When it comes to drag racing, lightness is king. Diesel 4x4s, on the other hand, are just about the worst p...

Gray Ghost

A Sky High 640-hp Ford Dorian Reyna, owner of Power Stroke Enginuities in Houston, Texas is no stranger to Fords and going fast. He’s been drag racing for ...

Red Delicious

Randy Reyes’ Awe-Inspiring 2,100 Horsepower ‘06 Ram There’s nothing subtle about diesel dually pickups. They’re big, wide, and often carry the heaviest tow rat...