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Dyno Domination

A 2,000+ rwhp Dodge!

One thing you can still do during the winter is dyno, provided the rollers haven’t frozen solid to the floor. Last Year’s UCC competitor Power Driven Diesel has been hard at work on their 12-valve truck, which won last year’s sled pull on SIX cut tires. This year they’re planning on making a much better showing on the dyno and dragstrip too, and word is they just broke 2,000rwhp uncorrected with their wild 16mm P-pump truck. Guess we’d better watch out for these guys next year!





4BT Carnage

See-Through Block Option

Our buddies at Brown’s Diesel have a compound turbo 4bt in a 32 Ford, in addition to the Trax Truck we featured a few weeks ago. The 4bt is one of the hottest in the country, and has made more than 700rwhp despite displacing only 3.9L. After a number of runs at Eagle Field, it looks like a little too much nitrous, timing, boost, or “all of it” had the block make an early exit. Hey, anyone know of an aluminum block 4bt??


Diesel ’55 Coming Together


Duramax Power in Classic Sheetmetal

Our buddy Harvey Grant is getting closer and closer to getting his Duramax-powered 55 Chevy together, after years of hard work. The car has been built from the ground up, and the sheetmetal is the latest thing to go under the knife. The Duramax engine (complete with compound turbos) has already been installed, but the car was a bit of a, uh, rust bucket, so a lot of floorpan work was needed. Hey Harvey, going to have that thing ready for Kool April Nites?





Ram Recall

Possible Shifter Issues

We once asked Dave Goerend of Goerend transmissions what the most important gear in the transmission was. “Park” was his answer, noting that you’re in trouble if it doesn’t stay in Park. Well, it appears that’s exactly what’s happening to some 2010-2017 Rams, as a number of “roll-aways” and minor crashes have been reported. There’s enough incidents for Ram to recall over 1.8 million trucks that might be affected by this problem, so if you have one of these year Dodges, get it checked out, and always use your emergency brake!


Ranger Raptor


No, America Doesn’t Get One

COPY: If you’re thinking that “Ranger” isn’t a term you’ve heard often lately, you’d be right. It looks as though Ford is building a diesel-powered baby raptor for the overseas market, and just like a lot of the smaller diesels, we don’t get one over here in the US. Considering the motivation for the truck is an itty bitty 4-banger diesel, we’re not surprised they didn’t send the underpowered pickup over here.



Parts Rack:


Cool Ramps for Christmas

Our Favorite Present So Far!

So, we got ourselves a pretty cool set of car ramps for Christmas. While it may sound nerdy to be all excited about a set of ramps, anyone who has moved around a set of 6-foot steel ramps knows what a pain it is. These guys from Discount Ramps look to be of solid construction, are only 19 lb each because they’re aluminum, and have awesome hybrid ends that will work to load utv’s into a pickup bed, or cars onto a car trailer. Merry Christmas us!!


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