There was UCC qualifier action on the dragstrip, where Granby Truck Shop’s Cummins-powered Dodge took top honors with a 5.72-second e.t. in the eighth-mile.

Might As Well Be Rocket Science!

Truck racing is a very special community that stems across multiple other automotive sectors by carrying out drag races, off-road competitions, and truck pulls. Drag racing is a pretty big industry within the automotive community and for an understandable reason. Who wouldn’t want to see a heavily modified racing vehicle flying down a quarter-mile strip of resinous asphalt? Often a someone or a group of people will find a stock vehicle and step-by-step modify it to racing standards, or if they’re feeling extremely competitive, they’ll purchase a chassis and then add the engine and racing body. Typically the latter is seen more in drag cars, however, some racing trucks feature this style of design as well. Today, we’ll be featuring five drag trucks that surely make a statement when seen on the strip!

2,200-HP Common Rail Injection Engine

Top Fuel’s 2,000-HP Truck

The 177mph 1,400-HP Duramax Rocket

D-Max Powered Classic Street/Strip Chevy

Supercharged Express: Brad Ponci’s 1,000-hp Blown Cummins

If you’re new to the truck community and you’d like to somehow become more involved, attending these truck races is an excellent way to get started. The best way to find these races is by searching social media for local events as well as truck community websites!

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