Larry Strawn is famous for the Dodge/Model A known as the “Fodge.” He recently built another Fodge, this time it’s a suicide door Ford on a Dodge dually chassis.

America’s Original Brand Featuring Vintage Power

The modern diesel trucks are some of the coolest vehicles seen on the road, however, the older diesels still run the show. These trucks are American classics that have been given a second chance and came out looking amazing. Seeing a vintage diesel at meets or simply on the streets always puts a smile on my face because it shows that people stay dedicated to a project and worked hard to make an older truck keep on truckin’. Check out these trucks and use them for inspiration to work on your build!

Cummins-Powered 1948 Ford: Family-Built F-3

The Truck Called Django: Weaver’s Shop Truck Turned Killer Showpiece

Vintage Armor: Retro Style Meets Modern Convenience

Twice as Nice: Home Brewed 1975 F-250 Cummins

A 50-Year Old Custom F-100 Rat Truck

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