When you work in the diesel industry and sell modified trucks for a living, you have to turn your daily driver into some-thing really special, right? That’s exactly what Keaton Hoskins, the co-owner of DieselSellerz.com did. (Instagram: @the.muscle) He built himself an extreme truck, which he calls the Platinum666 (6.7 Power Stroke, 6 doors, 6 wheel drive Platinum edition Ford). Keaton picked up this 2013  F-350 Dually intending to feature it at the upcomin upcoming SEMA Show in Las Vegas, only to give it away shortly after. What was his motivation? Well, it wasn’t just to give a truck away: “The reason I built the Platinum666 is because I wanted something different. Big and still very usable. People think it’s crazy to buy a 60k truck and chop it up and then rhino line it. But, I love being different.” What’s even more different is that Keaton built this truck in only 14 days.

Under the hood rests a decently modified 6.7L Power Stroke. An ATS 5000 non VA turbo kit (which has since been swapped out to one from H&S Motorsports) 30% over injectors from Dynamic Diesel Products, and a tune from H&S Motorsports (with the help from PPEI) take it a step above stock.

The Stretch

After picking up the Super Duty, Keaton immediately sent it off to Stretch My Truck where they cut the back of the cab off and split the frame in roughly the same area. The back half of another 2013 Super Duty was then grafted onto the back of the Platinum. A section of steel was then used to extend the frame and all fuel lines, brake lines and electrical were extended to match. Stretch My Truck did an amazing job: Looking under the truck, it’s hard to tell where any work was done. It all looks  stock.

“These 6.7L engine bays are tight and don’t fit (larger aftermarket) twins easily. So after R&D at ats, we decided on a single turbo kit from ats diesel”

While Stretch My Truck was finishing up their work, LRM Kevlar flew in to spray the Kevlar based coating on the exterior, as well as select parts of the suspension. Keaton chose the Kevlar based product because, as he says, “DieselSellerz.com prides itself in building high end SEMA type trucks—and then taking them out and beating on them.” Long story short, the bedliner like coating was the only thing that would handle the abuse and still look good after.

Before Stretch My Truck could get the interior put back together, the suspension install began. A 10-inch McGaughys Fourlink kit was installed which consisted of new coils (soon to be replaced with King Coilover shocks) four link set-up, rear traction bars, rear leaf springs, and a mess of odds and ends. A set of 22-inch by 12-inch American Force Independence Super Duty wheels were custom powder coated to match the body and were wrapped in a set of 40-inch tall Interco M16 tires as rolling stock.

Suspension out back consists of a set of traction bars and new leaf springs also from McGaughys.
A set of Fusion Bumpers front and rear look perfectly at home on this over the top build. The Monster Hooks tow hooks were treated to a layer of Kevlar coating like the rest of the truck.

800 HP Power Stroke

Next in line was the engine. First and foremost, a set of ARP Head Studs was installed, as well as a set of Dynamite Diesel Products 30% over injectors. The truck was then sent off to ATS Diesel where they installed a 71mm turbo system. It was then tuned with the help of Korey Willis from PPEI using H&S’s Maxx Calibration Control tuning system. Keaton relies on an Edge CTS2 to monitor the engine’s vitals from within the cab. Finishing up the performance mod’s, the truck made a trip to Dynamic Metal Works where they fab’d up a set of diamond cut stacks hooked up to a custom headache rack made especially for Keaton’s truck. When we left the truck and went to print, it hadn’t been dyno’d, but similar setups have cracked 800 hp.

“The back half of another 2013 Super Duty was then grafted onto the back of the Platinum”

Many would think that a stretched six-door F-350 would be completely unusable. But nothing could be further from the truth: Keaton regularly tows his 40-foot gooseneck trailer with the Platinum666, and he also takes it off-roading. And we’re not talking fire trails: This truck sees everything from sand dunes to thick mud on a regular basis. It’s definitely a different truck, just as Keaton wanted it to be. And it could be yours. DW

A massive set of American Force 22×12-inch Independence Super Duty wheels were powdercoated to match the truck’s exterior, and they fit the build perfectly.
Race Mesh Truck grille with a 40-inch Diesel Power Gear LED Bar.

The 10-inch 4-link lift is achieved using a kit from McGaughys. Future mod’s include coilover shocks from King Shock which will replace the current coils and stock mount shocks.
EcoTint custom built a set of headlights for Keaton’s truck. They’re painted to match and feature Diesel Power Gear LEDs in place of the stock incandescent lights.

[divider]2013 F-350 Platinum DRW 4×4[/divider]

Engine: 6.7L Power Stroke
ARP Head Studs
ATS Diesel Turbo Kit (71mm)
Dynamite Diesel Products 30% Over Injectors
Tuned by PPEI with help from H&S Motorsports
H&S Motorsports Maxx Calibration Control
Custom Diamond Exhaust Stacks by Dynamic Metal Works LLC
Edge CTS2 for gauge monitoring only
FASS 150 Lift Pump
H&S Dual CP3 Kit (stock CP4 kept in valley)
Estimated 800 hp

Transmission: SunCoast

Suspension: 10-inch Lift Kit by McGaughys
King 3.0-inch Custom Valve’d Shocks with Remote Reservoir’s
Custom 10-inch Coils Up Front by King Shock

Body Modifications: 6 Door Conversion by StretchMyTruck.com
Kevlar Based Exterior Coating by LRM Kevlar
Fusion Bumpers Front and Rear
Monster Hook and Swivel Hook’s on Bumpers
RaceMesh Truck’s Grille
Dynamic Metal Works LLC Custom Headache Rack

Interior: Custom Leather Seats by Road Wire”

Lighting:Headlights Built by EcoTintShop
40-inch Light Bar in Grille
LEDs by DieselPowerGear.com

Wheels: American Force 10-Lug 22×12-inch by Independence Super Duty

Tires: Interco M16 40×14.5

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