Lunar Rockets With Wheels!

While a truck hasn’t been sent to space yet, if there were a set of candidates to choose from that would be the most likely to achieve that goal, it would be these rigs. These diesel trucks are heavily modified to create as much acceleration as possible without power overload. The engineering and analytics put into making these trucks is not simple, it takes days of analyzing charts on computers and fine-tuning the engine components to fit exactly what’s necessary for the race. Same goes if you ever attend a GT race with supercars, after every race, the vehicles have to be retuned back to perfection to ensure optimal and consistent performance. Racing a drag truck isn’t something anyone can do, so being able to test and drive these wicked machines is commendable in itself. Check out the insane engines on these rigs and use these builds as motivation for you to continue working on your truck!

Abandoned Shop Truck Turned Diesel Dragster

Top Fuel’s 2,000-HP Truck


Decade in the Making: The 9-second Triple-Turbo Duramax

D-Max Powered Classic Street/Strip Chevy