Diesel News 5.18.20

Carnage of the Week


Bone-Stock 6.7L Cummins Failure

As proof that any engine can fail, Lead Foot Diesel Performance pulled this bone-stock 6.7L Cummins out of a cab and chassis Ram. Adding insult to injury, this will be the truck’s third engine in just 112,000 miles of use. Last time, it was cylinder number 5. This time, it’s number 6—and it took the block out with it. Surprisingly, this is nowhere near the first 6.7L Cummins that’s been towed in to Lead Foot in this condition. The guys here attribute the failures to a toxic combination of driver abuse, low gearing and an engine that spends way too much time at 3,000 rpm.

Source: https://leadfootdiesel.com/




DW Drags Square Promo

Our Live Feed Drag Event is This Saturday!

When the country locked down for the coronavirus, we came up with a way to go racing, well technically testing, it’ll still look and feel like a race but will all just be for fun! After reaching out to Wagler Motorsports Park, the Outlaw Diesel Super Series, and Nitto Tire USA, a drag strip was secured, the country’s top diesel racing organization was onboard, and an enthusiast-born tire manufacturer became the lead sponsor. Now the countdown to event day begins. No, you can’t be there in person—but you can watch everything unfold from the comfort of your own home via our live feed. Tune in this Saturday, May 23rd at 10 a.m. EST to see the fastest diesels in the nation back in action.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/dieselworldmag



According to the Drive.com, in an effort to curb reckless driving in Atlanta, some city officials are considering designating certain areas for street racing. The ponderance of the idea stems from an abundance of illegal street racing occurring in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, and the fact that triple-digit speeding tickets have reportedly sky-rocketing over the past few months. The article also states that designated areas for donuts and burnouts are part of the street racing considerations. As it turns out, Atlanta isn’t alone here. City officials in Sacramento and Kansas City are pondering the exact same thing—and Detroit already held some sanctioned “side-shows” back in early March.

Source: https://www.thedrive.com/news/33497/atlanta-might-set-up-a-designated-area-for-street-racing-to-curb-reckless-driving?fbclid=IwAR01gnMobbh9B200ial6KXkSb2FS5AaA1AG2X_llqGwTRLg-nWyuEyj5H-g



Pulling Prep Never Ends

With an uncertain pulling schedule ahead of them, the Jumping Jack Flash pulling team has managed to stay plenty busy. Their most recent project has been placing the Pro Stock ‘16 Super Duty on an extensive diet—so much so that the team may have to buy more weights to hang out front before they take to the dirt. In addition to dropping weight off the late-model Ford, the cuts made in the engine bay have made accessing the power plant and clutch assembly much easier. As for the engine itself, rumor has it that a common-rail 6.7L Power Stroke will be campaigned for most of the 2020 season, with the truck’s P-pumped 7.3L being reserved for special occasions.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/JJFPSPT/



3 Million Tons of Diesel Bound For Europe

After refiners in Asia and the Middle East were left with huge stockpiles of fuel at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, Europe is now set to receive 3 million tons of fuel this month, as the continent begins to reopen. This tops the previous record of 2.8 million tons set last June. Gasoline and jet fuel were hit hardest when the worldwide collapse in fuel demand began, while diesel refining margins held the line relatively well thanks to the continuation of industrial activity. However, the overall waning demand for diesel resulted in an increase in global diesel stocks, which in turn placed an inordinate amount of pressure on profit margins for converting crude oil into diesel. Last week, diesel hit an 11-year low of $5 per barrel.

Source: https://www.hydrocarbonprocessing.com/news/2020/05/wave-of-diesel-heads-to-europe-pressuring-refiners



Parts Rack


Black Ops Diff Cover

Banks’ Black Ops differential covers have arrived for ’01-’19 Chevy/GMC’s and ’03-’18 Rams with the AAM 1150 or 11.8-inch 14-bolt rear axle. Upon discovering that several aftermarket diff covers failed to improve cooling or fluid dynamics over stock, Banks made it a mission to come up with something better. Its Black Ops cover features directional fluid guides, a lubricant raceway, and internal heat absorption fins to help fluid flow and keep gear oil temps in check. The result is a diff cover that cools five times better than the competition in towing environments. A magnetic drain plug and fill port plug, a 20-degree angled fill port for easy access, ½-inch sight glass with contrast screen, and chrome plated hardware are all part of the deal.

Source: https://www.bankspower.com/



OBS Ford Door Panel Replacement Brackets

Are your old body style Ford’s door panels in need of some TLC? Is your switch panel loose? Does it flop around? Maybe the tabs that hold the switch plate in place are gone? Fix those issues (along with dreaded squeaks) with the driver’s door panel repair bracket from Complete Performance. The version shown is for regular cabs, super cabs, and Broncos, but a crew cab version is also available—along with virtually any door-related repair you can think of for your ’92-’97 Ford. All-inclusive door repair packages are even for sale if you’re in need of an all-in-one fix (door handles, reinforcement plates, retainer pins, and repair brackets).

Source: https://cpaddict.com/


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