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Diesels That Aren’t Afraid To Roam

It’s fair to say that the majority of people who restore or modify trucks intend on bringing their works to shows or local drag races. However, not all enthusiasts enjoy bringing their trucks to beauty pageants. Some prefer to test their truck’s limits in the harsh terrain of remote forests, arid deserts, and dense marshes. These ten articles below will list some of the strongest diesel trucks who aren’t strangers to navigating where most people wouldn’t.



Titan ZR2


Road Less Traveled: A 2016 GMC Canyon

Weapons Grade: Greg Marankie’s 2004 Ram

Beamed n’ Linked: Carlos Calderon’s Cummins Pre-Runner

Blazing Lights: A 3500 Dually Called Plexus

Diesel Disco—Land Rover Camel Trophy Discovery Diesels

The Purpose-Built RAM