10 Turbocharged Diesel Trucks

Boosted Turbos

Diesel engines are different from their gasoline counterparts because they require additional air intake. Many truck owners will install a turbo, or multiple, to help with this issue. Additionally, having the turbo installed will significantly increase the performance by intensifying the combustion process inside the engine. Below are ten articles featuring turbocharged trucks of various shapes and sizes.


A 1,150-HP Triple-Turbo LB7 Duramax

6.0L Addiction: Compound-Turbo’d Super Duty

Triple Play: A Triple-Turbo ’09 Ford F-250

Murica’n Made: 1,000hp Single Turbo 6.4L Power Stroke


Against the Grain: 3,000-HP Triple Turbo Puller

Obsessed: Squeezing 1,100HP from a Single Turbo Duramax

Duramax Turbo on a Power Stroke?

Decade in the Making: The 9-second Triple-Turbo Duramax

The Ford King: Rudy Diesel’s Incredible 2,000-HP Drag Truck