’70s 6.6L Duramax Racing Rocket

Challenging Physics With Every Race

Seeing classic trucks dominate in drag races makes everyone smile. Rather than being sent to rot or to be crumpled, these rigs are given a second chance. And what better way to spend it than to shoot off the starting line faster than you can even say the word “diesel”. Like most automotive communities, drag racing is a big subdivision of the diesel community. However, with sky-high horsepower and torque, the diesel scene takes it to a completely new ballpark.

If you think your truck has what it takes to become a diesel drag-racer, check out this article for some introductory steps of the process. Drag racing events are quite common across all automotive communities. With that said, the list of relevant events including drag races is featured on our homepage! Got conflicts in your schedule? Check out our YouTube channel for coverage of your favorite events, festivals, and races! DW

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