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Dustin Jackson’s Lightning

At the NHRDA Oklahoma Diesel Nat’s

Tulsa Raceway Park was entertained with NHRDA drag racing and truck pulling action over the weekend. At the drag strip, Dustin Jackson’s triple-turbo’d, Cummins-powered ’94 Lightning would set a new eighth-mile world record in Pro Street after running a 5.19 at 144.09 mph (remember, NHRDA’s Pro Street and Super Street classes are both eighth-mile competitions now). Then, after making it to the final round, he would oust Jared Delekta with an even faster 5.19 at 144.90 mph. Other victors would include Dallas Wade in Super Street, who turned in a 6.58 at 113 mph effort against Phillip Franklin’s problematic 7.28-second pass. And in 10.90 Index, Amalee Mueller used the back-half of the quarter-mile to lay claim to First Place, running a 10.95 at 123 mph.






New EPA Guidelines

FCA/White House Agree on Emissions Reassessment

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the White House seem to be on the same page as far as reevaluating emissions standards for American vehicles. After a meeting between FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne and President Trump the second week of May, Marchionne was quoted as saying: “revisiting and assessing EPA standards, as was originally intended, is the right thing to do.” However, with the assessment process just beginning, Marchionne made it clear that he didn’t want anyone to assume anything about the outcome. “I am optimistic that the President can find a means to preserve a national program that drives continuous improvement in vehicle efficiency and, at the same time, allows us to build vehicles customers want, at prices they can afford,” he said.



2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel HFE

FCA Scandal

In Other Emissions News

Emails suggesting that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles discussed defeat software in order to pass emissions testing in 2010 surfaced in a federal court the week of May 14-18. According to emails between FCA and its suppliers, the automaker allegedly disclosed its intent to use software capable of “cycle detection” in its 3.0L VM Motori engine—the V-6 used in the Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee. One email, passed between two VM Motori colleagues, stated that the “cycle detection” was the only way FCA could get the Ram to meet its 30-mpg goal. While that doesn’t look good for FCA, oddly enough, the Justice Department has already presented the automaker a settlement offer, which, based on the settlement being introduced back in January, we assume FCA refused.




GM’s 3.0L Diesel

Broadens 2019 Silverado’s Model Range

As the release date for the diesel-powered ’19 Silverado 1500 creeps nearer, Chevrolet has made sure to add the oil-burning inline-six to its “broader model range” conversation. The company’s aim is to have six engine and transmission combinations available for consumers when ’19 models hit dealer lots—and the 3.0L diesel makes the sixth and final combo unique to say the least. Available in both LT and RST trim levels, the diesel option will be backed by a 10-speed automatic transmission. As we went to press, horsepower and torque ratings for the all-new I-6 diesel were still being kept on the down-low.




Why the Price of Diesel is Going Up

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Have you noticed the slow ascent of diesel prices in your area? Well, this time it’s not just due to the arrival of summer. According to Market Watch, the recent demand boost from the thriving U.S. economy has directly led to the upswing in diesel prices, along with the costs for crude oil (of which diesel is derived) steadily being on the rise since 2014. On top of those two reasons, Old Man Winter can also be blamed, as the ’17-’18 winter saw the demand for heating oil increase, which also cut into capacity for the refining of diesel. While the average price per gallon currently stands at $3.16, Market Watch warned that diesel prices could crest $4 some time next year.




Super Stock and Pro Stock Action

Watson Diesel Michigan Nationals

Brooklyn, Michigan was invaded by the top-running pull trucks in the nation this past Friday and Saturday, courtesy of the Watson Diesel Michigan Nationals. And even though a wet weekend would end much of the action early, the both the Super Stock and Pro Stock trucks were still able to run the first night, with Justin Gearhart’s “Cream of the Crop” pulling out the win at 369.74 feet, just three feet ahead of Shane Kellogg’s “Trump” in Super Stock. On the Pro Stock side, Matt Penn’s Dodge would nab First Place at 334.68 feet, and Josh Stahl’s “Thicker Than Blood” filled the runner-up spot with a 325.43-foot effort.



Parts Rack


JeliBuilt Performance:

Custom 7.3L Tuning

Whether you’re looking to wake up your old 7.3L workhorse or dial in those new hybrid injectors, JeliBuilt Performance can write you the appropriate custom tune(s) to make your ’94.5-’03 Ford perform at its peak. Owned and operated by longtime Pro Street diesel drag racer, Brian Jelich, and also the tuner behind the current 7.3L horsepower record holder (1,305-rwhp), custom PCM calibrations range from mild to wild. Tame those big injectors for towing duty, glean more mpg from your specific parts combination, or safely turn up the wick at the track.



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