Engine Of The Week

Danny Green’s CGI Block Cummins Set For Stardom At The PRI Show

Daniel Green’s two-wheel drive second-gen is missing its engine this week, with his Wagler-built, CGI block Cummins bound for the PRI Show that’s set to take place in Indy on December 9th-11th. As the first competition engine based around the use of the factory 6.7L compacted graphite iron block, Danny’s Cummins survived a full season at more than 1,500 hp—and it also helped make him more competitive in the 5.90 Index class. The Wagler Street Fighter engine sports an OEM, 10-bolt flange 6.7L crank, Wagler’s Street Fighter rods, a ported, polished and fire-ringed head, an Exergy 14mm CP3 and 400-percent over injectors, and an S485 Godfather turbo from Stainless Diesel. You can check it out in person at the PRI Show by stopping by booth 4851.

Source: https://www.performanceracing.com/tradeshow



Rumor Mill: Will DHD Campaign A Super Stock In 2022?

Whether Dirty Hooker Diesel owner, Tony Burkhard, is stirring the pot or not, the fact that he teased about a potential revival of an old DHD Super Stock project for 2022 has the pulling world’s attention at the present time. Apparently, this tube chassis (Duramax-destined?) Chevrolet has been collecting dust at DHD HQ over the years—but Tony might just be ready to finish it and get it out in the dirt. The rumor mill has also leaked that March, 2022 could be a possible target date for unveiling the finished product. Fittingly, it will be called XXX Hooker. Please let this be true!

Source: https://dirtyhookerdiesel.com/


PVC-Painted Traction Bars…Simply Awesome

This might just be the ultimate way to troll horsepower makers—at least for a second. Traction bars painted up to look like sections of PVC… Never mind the leaf pack to end all leaf packs above the axle, this kind of tomfoolery will no doubt get the truck’s owner a ton of double-takes. Rumor has it they’re bolted to an old 4×4 K-series Chevy dually out in Utah. If you spot this guy out and about at Moab, tell him we said hi. Next question, who’s going to be the first diesel enthusiast to paint his or her roll cage this way?


Turbo News

Stainless Diesel’s New Drop-In 5-Blade VGT

The 5-blade line of turbochargers from Stainless Diesel has expanded to include the 6.7L Power Stroke. The company’s new drop-in VGT for ’15-’19 Ford V-8’s sports a 5-blade billet compressor wheel with a 63.5mm inducer and a high-flow, 10-blade turbine wheel with a 67mm exducer. The goal was to deliver increased airflow for late-model Ford owners without sacrificing low-end drivability—and this charger nails it. Also note that, although it’s based on the GT37 Garrett platform, Stainless Diesel’s new 6.7L Power Stroke VGT will fit ’11-’14 trucks that have been fitted with a ’15-’19 retrofit turbo kit.

Source: https://www.stainlessdiesel.com/


The Largest Stock-Based 6.4L Compound Arrangement Ever Offered

For the 6.4L Ford camp, Hassler Diesel Performance has developed (and will soon be offering) the largest factory-based compound turbo arrangement in the aftermarket. Called its HD Work Stock drop-in turbo set, the low-pressure (atmosphere) turbo in the 6.4L Power Stroke’s factory arrangement is equipped with an 80mm compressor, a higher flowing turbine wheel, and sees upgraded bearings in the center section. The OEM high-pressure turbo (the VGT) is treated to a 62mm compressor, a larger turbine, and a similar bearing upgrade. In case you were wondering, these babies should also perform great on the street… Look for them to hit the market in late January.

Source: https://www.hasslerdiesel.com/



OEM News

Ford Launches Diesel Ranger In Europe

Beginning in late 2022, European Ford lovers will be able to order a diesel-powered Ranger. Ford says they’ll begin receiving them by early ’23. But what engine will these next-generation Rangers see? It’s believed that the power plant under the hood will be a repackaged version of the 3.0L Power Stroke that got the axe in the U.S. market. In the F-150, the V-6 diesel option turned out 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. Rumor also has it that two additional oil burners will be available in these European Rangers. Of course, the V-6 will get all the glory when the time comes for more power, more torque, and more towing.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2021/11ford.php




Volvo: Manufacturing Of EV’s Produces 70-percent More Emissions Than Internal Combustion

Not all EV’s, just Volvo’s XC40 EV. And 70-percent more emissions during manufacturing, not the life of the car… Still, a new, transparent study from Volvo shows the expected lifecycle carbon footprint of the three XC40 models it currently builds: the aforementioned XC40 EV, XC40 plug-in hybrid, and the internal combustion engine’d XC40. While electric vehicle emissions aren’t easily comparable with those emitted by internal combustion engines, the study points out that over the lifetime of the vehicle an EV does have a breakeven point on the emissions side. Taking the average global electricity grid into account, it takes 109,918 km (68,300 miles) for the XC40 EV to break even. You can thank our friends at Scheid Diesel for tipping us off about this one.

Source: https://autobuzz.my/2021/11/15/volvo-says-manufacturing-an-ev-generates-70-more-emissions-than-its-ice-counterpart/?fbclid=IwAR3SKW549xTI9q-AWOCBA7MEpQDxGpMnuY1H1pbpog00sQDyFgTSREHxs8Y


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