Send In Your Rides!!!

This is the first installment of a collection of our reader’s rides. We’ve been getting tons of requests and we love them, so keep em’ coming! No matter the make, modifications, or style, if we think your truck has what it takes, send your submissions and we might post your story! Going to car meets are tough especially during times of COVID-19 because organizers are halting meets for social distancing reasons. As a result, here’s a quick way to check out some other people’s rides without having to risk getting the virus. These rides are unique and super cool so if you’d like to be featured, post a picture of your rig on Instagram or Facebook, and tag Diesel World.


Readers Rides!

Readers’ Rides: A Cherry-Red Dodge and Daily-Driven Duramax

Additionally, by submitting or posting your truck, you might help someone who’s trying to find inspiration or motivation for their build. A lot of truck builds take much longer than necessary because of financial and motivational problems, so if you enter your truck, you could help someone achieve their goal of finishing their dream build!