Part 1: Readers’ Rides Collection

Send In Your Rides!!!

This is part 1 of a collection of our reader’s rides. We’ve been getting tons of requests and we love them, so keep ’em coming! No matter the make, modifications, or style, if we think your truck has what it takes, send your submissions and we might post your story! Going to car meets is tough especially during times of COVID-19 because organizers are halting meets for social distancing reasons. As a result, part 1 is a quick way to check out some other people’s rides without having to risk getting the virus. These rides are unique and super cool so if you’d like to be featured, post a picture of your rig on Instagram or Facebook, and tag Diesel World.

Part 1: Classic Dodge and One Big Ford

Michael Gagnon wrote us about his father-in-law Shawn Teasley’s Dodge truck. It seems that Teasley is the proud owner of a unique Cummins-powered Dodge: a 1941 WF-32. With a little help from family and friends, the following build took months to complete.

Part 2: Custom Flatbed Ram and More


Steve Clauson built this unique flatbed Ram with his own two hands. He’s a construction worker, so he knows a thing or two about layout and cutting. His skills don’t stop there: he built the front bumper and flatbed custom. Safe to say, he knows a bit about welding too. Clauson’s 1997 Ram 2500 still has the original 12-valve Cummins under the hood, but he has upgraded to Baldwin industrial-grade filtration, a Crazy Carls Performance intake, and a straight-out exhaust system that uses mostly stock pipes.

If you didn’t get a chance to submit or post your truck for part 1, you should consider doing it anyway. By submitting or posting your truck, you might help someone who’s trying to find inspiration or motivation for their build. A lot of truck builds take much longer than necessary because of financial and motivational problems, so if you enter your truck, you could help someone achieve their goal of finishing their dream build!

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