5 GIGANTIC DODGES - Diesel World

Tall & Strong, These Dodges Mean Business

Below are some of the biggest and baddest Dodge’s ever featured on this page. These trucks come from all around the US, however, they all have something in common, they make a statement wherever they roam. With their grandeur stature and mechanical excellence, these trucks are not only towering, but they’re also containing immense amounts of power. By checking off all the boxes, these diesel rigs are well known in their local communities and are getting even greater recognition. However, these trucks weren’t easy builds, they took lots of time and dedication to look the way they do, and that perseverance is very commendable. If you’re building a truck and need some inspiration or ideas, look to these brutes for some potential assistance, otherwise, sit back and enjoy the raw power and engineering behind these rigs!


Blue Suede: 2014 Ram Stands Out from the Crowd

Mario Williams’ Towering, 700HP Mega Cab

Photo Finish: A Big Red Ram 2500

Big Bad Mega Cab