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Wagler’s Screw-Blown Duramax Hits The Dyno

When the folks at Wagler Competition Products posted a dyno video of the infamous screw-blown Duramax engine on social media, it became obvious that the team is aiming to get its dragster into the 3’s this year. Although this particular session served as a means of testing out the company’s new, in-house dyno, Wagler did promise another session soon—and that numbers would be posted. We can’t think of a better way to break in new dyno equipment. And, just in case you were wondering, yes, it’s definitely loud in this 20×24-foot room!

Source: https://waglercompetition.com/





Selling the Farm…To Go Drag Racing

No for real, Daniel Green sold everything in order to pursue his diesel drag racing dream. If you were at a diesel event last year, chances are you either saw or at least heard about Daniel and his two-wheel drive second-gen. He left everything in his native Oregon behind, bought an enclosed race trailer and set sail across the U.S. last summer, with a goal of racing at a different track every single weekend. Along the way, he caught the eye of 1320 video, and you can hear more about his story, as well as see the truck in action, at the link below. Currently in the process of obtaining 2021 sponsors, we look forward to seeing Daniel at as many diesel events as possible this year.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR1ORH19V88aPJim28yD_j8IK-2DD_Jk7PK72F7TFt93zr-2VSetYdfQL6o&v=WicIsJNQ8w8&feature=youtu.be





NFMS 2021: Canceled

Hang on, Covid-19 isn’t done yet. Its latest victim is the coveted National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. After event officials moved the date back with the hope that it could be pulled off in the spring, the inevitable cancelation came at the end of January. 2021 will mark the first time in the National Farm Machinery Show’s 55-year history that it won’t be held. Unfortunately, this means the renowned championship tractor pull is out as well. The wintertime classic has been part of NFMS since 1969, and features five pulling sessions in four days. Next year’s show has been scheduled for February 16-19.

Source: https://farmmachineryshow.org/



Maverick Diesel Open House

Whether you know them for their portable dyno services, top-notch tuning, chassis fabrication, or their Pro Street endeavors at the drag strip, Maverick Diesel has built a strong name in a very short amount of time. On February 26, they’re opening their doors to the public for an open house at their Energy, Illinois headquarters. Maverick’s new (and freshly-renovated) facility boasts an 8,500 square foot shop, and attendees can expect to see plenty of trucks strapped to the rollers. If you want to mingle with other diesel heads and learn a thing or two about horsepower in the process, make sure you stop by on the 26th.

Source: www.maverickdieselshop.com



Emissions News


New DPF Testing In The Netherlands

Across the pond, the Dutch have passed a new form of testing vehicles equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The new periodic technical inspection (PTI) test relies on a particle counting instrument which can detect DPF removal, alteration, or malfunction. The new test is said to replace smoke opacity tests (which are said to be ineffective on modern diesel engines) or the use of OBD data to diagnose DPF problems during periodic technical inspections. The particle counting device collects its number measurement at the tailpipe, and the PN rejection standard has been locked in at 1,000,000 cm3 for all diesel vehicles (vs. 250,000 cm3 for Euro 5b+ vehicles under the 2019 rule).

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2021/01npti.php



Parts Rack


Turbo Safety Blanket

For its truck and tractor pulling customers competing in the NTPA, Scheid Diesel now offers the turbo blanket you need in order to remain legal. Its turbo blanket, a Kevlar-lined piece from Taylor Motorsports Products, fits the common Holset HX82, 4.1-inch, and 3.6-inch turbochargers, but will work with many turbos used in multi-turbo (Super Stock) applications. Beyond the NTPA, it is a sound safety upgrade for any form or motorsport. The blanket completely encloses the compressor housing, thereby containing shrapnel should the housing explode. Through Scheid, the turbo safety blanket retails for $375.

Source: https://www.scheiddiesel.com/



The O.G. 10-Lug Dually Wheels

The original that started it all, the J04 Block DRW Series wheel from American Force, is still immensely popular in the diesel aftermarket. The 10-lug dually wheels with adapters are available in 20, 22, 22.5, 24, 26, and 28-inch diameters, all of which are 8.25-inches wide. An offset of either 130mm or 145mm is available depending on the model, as is a 10-inch or 10.5-inch available backspacing. A polished finish comes standard, but as with most American Force wheels, custom finishes are also available.

Source: https://americanforcewheels.com/


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